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6 signs that toxic air quality is “devastating” your health

1. Eyes, nose and throat are easily irritated

6 signs that toxic air quality is

    Our immune system will react to the presence of allergens by activating the mucous membranes in our nose and throat causing us to cough, sneeze, and have a runny nose. Or if you have itchy or watery eyes, this is also one of the symptoms that your immune system is being activated by pollutants in the air.

    Dust, mold spores or bacteria in the air, cigarette smoke, pesticides, disinfectants, and even perfumes present in toxic airborne environments can all irritate the respiratory system.

    2. Respiratory disease

    6 signs that toxic air quality is

      Symptoms of a respiratory illness such as asthma are often much worse in places with poor air quality. Air pollutants such as smoke, pollen and dust can cause severe asthma attacks, which can even be life-threatening, especially in young children. Toxic air is especially dangerous for lung cancer patients, making the symptoms of the disease worse.

      3. Dizziness

        Dizziness is another common symptom of poor air quality. Indoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide often cause feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness. If you experience frequent dizziness for no apparent reason, this most likely indicates that the air you are breathing is contaminated. Both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can poison you, causing tissue damage, and even death if you’re exposed to them for too long.

        If you notice your symptoms go away after leaving the area, it’s a priority to have your gas lines checked for possible leaks. Poorly maintained household appliances such as boilers, gas stoves, and water heaters can leak carbon monoxide, causing some of the symptoms of poor air quality.

        4. Headache

        6 signs that toxic air quality is

          Being in an environment with poor air quality can give you chronic headaches. Similar to dizziness, a headache can be a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning. Researchers have shown that living in areas with high air pollution, such as near major roads or airports, can make respiratory problems and infectious diseases worse. Even toxic air has the potential to cause birth defects.

          5. Tired

            Fatigue can be another symptom of poor air quality, often associated with respiratory conditions such as asthma. The damage that respiratory conditions do to the body can cause people with these conditions to run out of energy faster than healthy people. Breathing problems can also make people feel stressed and tired when trying to control symptoms.

            6. Legionella infection

              Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can harbor legionella bacteria, which lead to the development of Legionellosis. These bacteria live in the water in the air conditioning system and can be released into the air when the unit is turned on. The illness can cause flu-like symptoms with low-grade fever, chills, malaise, muscle aches, headache, or decreased consciousness. In severe cases, this disease also takes the dangerous form of pneumonia.

              How to improve air quality?

              “There are three simple strategies to improve indoor air quality: source control, improved ventilation, and air purification,” says Nick Conger, a spokesman for the EPA.

              The first thing, you should find out the air index of the city where you live, find out the exact cause of your air pollution. Then, improve the ventilation system and use air cleaning options such as investing in an air purifier, …

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