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7 children who were abused by their adoptive mothers caused outrage

Machelle Hackney (48 years old) and her two biological sons, Logan (28 years old) and Ryan (26 years old) were arrested at their home in southern Maricopa County, Arizona (USA) on charges related to detention. as well as abusing his 7 adopted children between the ages of 6 and 15.

The horrifying truth about the million-view Youtube channel: 7 children being abused by their adoptive mothers, causing outrage - Photo 1.

Defendant Machelle Hackney (centre) with her two sons Ryan (left) and Logan (right). Photo: InMaricopa

At that time, the defendant was running the Youtube channel “Fantastic Adventures” which specializes in uploading videos starring her adopted children.

According to estimates, with more than 800,000 followers and more than 240 million views, she may have earned more than 1.3 million USD (more than 29 billion VND) from Youtube.

It is thought that with that income, the children will be brought up in a complete condition of both material and spiritual. However, in reality, they are considered by their adoptive mothers as money-making tools that are abused again and again.

When conducting a search of the apartment according to the accusations of Machelle’s daughter, the police found a baby locked inside a closet while six other victims appeared with pale skin and signs. severely malnourished, suspected of having been starved for a long time.

Through investigation, the police also learned that the poor children were not allowed to go to school but had to stay at home to record videos and would be punished if they forgot their voice lines or did not follow their mother’s instructions when filming. Even when she doesn’t get the desired views, the evil woman will take her anger out on her children.

Her methods of “teaching” children are also very cruel such as: hitting children with a coat hanger or belt, forcing them to bathe them with ice water, using pepper spray to spray their children’s faces and bodies, leaving them unattended. hungry and then locked them in the closet for days

Even after being arrested, this evil woman still firmly denied everything and said that she only punished her adopted children by punishing them for standing in the corner of the house for not obeying.

However, Machelle’s two sons confessed to witnessing with their own eyes the times their mother abused and tortured the children, but did not have the courage to report the incident to the police and could only quietly provide food. for you.

Being exposed by her own child, the cruel mother was forced to appear in court with 24 counts of child abuse, 5 counts of kidnapping and 1 count of assault. But she unfortunately fell ill and died while in prison. The YouTube channel after the incident has also been permanently deleted.

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