AI application to prevent data theft, price 299,000 VND

Bkav Joint Stock Company recently officially launched anti-virus software Bkav 2022, using AI technology to combat personal data theft. Bkav’s new technology monitors real-time, detects and prevents acts such as stealing bank accounts, social network accounts, email accounts, cookies as well as important personal information other users.

Right in the first months of 2022, a large-scale global hacker attack campaign took place with the aim of stealing users’ personal data for profit. Hackers have spread phishing emails, impersonating famous software to trick users into downloading malicious code to their computers, then silently stealing information. Statistics from Bkav’s system show that in Vietnam, there were about 8,500 variants of this malicious code spreading, infecting over 95,000 computers in just 2 months.

BKAV 2022 launched: AI application to prevent data theft, priced at VND 299,000 - Photo 1.

Bkav experts have successfully researched and applied AI artificial intelligence technology to automatically detect and remove malicious code that steals data. This new technology of Bkav uses machine learning to monitor real-time, detect and prevent malicious behavior, destroy malicious code, and protect data safety for users.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Vice President in charge of anti-malware division of Bkav Technology Group shared: “Stealing personal data with malicious code has become a black industry due to the huge profits brought to hackers. With new technology applying artificial intelligence, we can handle thousands of variations. new every day without the need for detailed virus decoding analysis”.

The new version of Bkav 2022 is also improved in performance, upgraded with anti-data encryption, anti-APT targeted attacks. Bkav 2022 still maintains the same price of 299,000 VND for 1 license to use. Licensed customers will be automatically upgraded to the new version at no cost.

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