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Apple discounts up to 40% on iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch models in Vietnam

Recently, retail systems in Vietnam have all made announcements about strong discounts on Apple products. Specifically, the reduced price will apply in late March and early April from 20% to 40% depending on the product. This price adjustment is implemented by Apple itself to stimulate shopping demand in the coming period.

According to a representative of Mobile World system, the new price adjustment for some technology devices will be applied in the period from the end of March to April. Notable price adjustment products in this phase are iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 with a reduction ranging from 1-2 million dong.


Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, representative of CellphoneS system said: “We will apply new prices for many technology devices from March 27. Some models that have been adjusted in many phases include iPhone 12 mini, reduced by about 2 million dong, to 17 million dong, iPhone 11 to 13 million dong. , down 2 million. The 256GB MacBook Air M1 model is reduced from 28 million to 24 million. Apple Watch Series 6 40mm and iPad Pro M1 also have a reduction of 4-5 million.”

Mr. Huy also said that this is a discount program combined by Apple with retailers to promote sales during the “new normal” period when people have a need to travel and shop more after. epidemic. This is also a rare deep discount program implemented by Apple itself because as we all know Apple products rarely have such deep discounts.

In this coming April, the optional blue iPhone 13 series, iPhone SE 2022 and iPad Air M1 will also be sold genuine in Vietnam market, giving users more choices in shopping. With the appeal of the Pro version, the new color iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is expected to have sales of 20-25% in the first round of sales. As for the iPhone SE 2022, this device will be sold in late April and is not expected to have impressive sales because it does not suit the tastes of Vietnamese users.

Apple heavily discounts iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch in Vietnam - Photo 2.

iPad Air M1 is also a hot product, but with a sharp discount on old Apple products in the near future, plus the price of the first iPad will be relatively high, so iPad Air M1 is expected to have no sales. high number when first sold.

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