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Australia discovered a “super cold” virus with symptoms similar to Covid-19

'Super cold' virus appeared with Covid-19-like symptoms
The ability to weaken the immune system due to blockade measures is the cause of the super cold virus outbreak in Australia. (Photo: Trung Hieu)

According to experts, the long period of not being exposed to viruses due to the blockade measure makes the respiratory system accustomed to this, indirectly leading to a weakened immune system before the attack of the virus.

In the context of the immune system at its lowest level ever, after nearly two years of imposing blockade measures, thousands of people who have just returned to normal social activities face a new threat. health threat.

The virus known as the “super cold” has been recorded spreading quickly in Australia, making people as tired as having Covid-19.

Similar symptoms led many people to initially suspect they had Covid-19, but the tests were negative.

Reported symptoms include sore throat, headache and body aches, runny nose and fatigue, sometimes lasting for weeks.

People with a typical “super cold” don’t lose their sense of smell and taste like someone diagnosed with Covid-19, but all people suspected of having the disease are still recommended to get tested.

Previously, the number of recorded cases of super cold also increased sharply in the UK at the end of last year, when blockade measures were lifted. At the time, experts said, this was the result of two years of blockade and social distancing.

The same thing is happening in Australia, where wearing masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer have started to be overlooked.

According to medical experts, the long period of not being exposed to viruses that exist in the community (due to blockade measures) has made the respiratory system used to this, indirectly leading to the condition of the body. vulnerable when conditions return to normal. The result is an increase in upper respiratory tract infections.

The flu also has symptoms similar to Covid-19 such as headache, body aches, fever … and can last from 10-14 days to go away.

The opening to foreign visitors has made matters even more concerning as they may be bringing new strains or variants to Australia.

Dr Ian Mackay, a virologist at the University of Queensland, said that normally people thought that respiratory illnesses were caused by cold air, but this has changed after the Covid-19 epidemic. Most recent flu and cold cases in Australia have occurred during the warmer summer months, suggesting the problem is immune-related rather than seasonal.

“Clearly this is not a seasonal disease, but more related to the body’s immune system … because when the immune system is weak, the virus can attack at any time,” said Dr. Mackay. “

According to Dr Philippa Kaye, the prevalence of super colds is now comparable to that recorded during the winter months before the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, Dr Sally Shaw said that things were not to the point of concern. According to her, people who used to treat colds by themselves are now going to the doctor because they are afraid they may have Covid-19 and because of that, the number of reported cases of Covid-19-like symptoms but having negative tests. significant increase.

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