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Captain Hung Dung commented on the Oman opponent and his experiences in the qualifying round

Captain Hung Dung commented on the Oman opponent and his experiences in the qualifying round
Vietnam captain Hung Dung gave an interview in an article posted on the AFC homepage. Photo: AFC

Looking back on the past journey of the Vietnamese team in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, Hung Dung said: “Before the match with the Chinese team, the Vietnamese team experienced 7 consecutive defeats, this is not true. It’s not surprising since it’s our first time in the final qualifying round of a World Cup and we’re facing the top Asian teams Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia – soccer teams. many times in the World Cup.

Teams like China and Oman are also at least 20 places above us in the FIFA rankings. However, the lack of points after the previous 7 matches affected the mentality of the whole team, reducing the faith of the fans in us. Therefore, we were very determined before the match against the Chinese team, especially when this match took place on the 1st day of the Vietnamese New Year.

The Vietnamese team played with everything they had, with great spirit, determined not to give up and we won 3 – 1. It was a meaningful victory for Vietnamese football, it is not only the first 3 historical points but also a great gift for fans in the new year and most importantly, it gives us the motivation to move forward confidently with a positive mindset .”

The AFC homepage also recalled Hung Dung’s injury story. Injury in early 2021 forced Hung Dung to stop playing and enter a treatment and recovery journey lasting nearly 1 year.

Hung Dung shared about his difficult time: “I have just returned to the team after a long time of treatment for an injury, so I had to start working with the whole team. Fortunately, I had a lot of support from the coaching staff and teammates, so everything went smoothly.

To be honest, I still feel a bit pressured to be given the captain’s armband. But it was fleeting because I could see the determination in my teammates’ eyes, feel it in every handshake, that they trusted me and I knew I wasn’t alone.

Whoever is assigned the responsibility of being the captain of the Vietnamese team must try to complete the tasks assigned by the coaching staff, including building solidarity, helping new players and young players integrate, at the same time training hard with positive energy, staying together both on and off the pitch.”

Clip of the main event of the match between Vietnam and China 3 – 1 was posted by AFC along with Hung Dung’s interview:

Assessing the opponent Oman, Hung Dung also shared in an article on the homepage (AFC): “Although we have to face strong opponents in the final qualifying round, in any match we always aim to win. point.

The Oman players have speed, strength but we also have our strengths, especially when playing under the support of the home crowd.
This is the last home match of the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, so we want to bring more joy to the fans.

In the final qualifying round, every opponent was very strong, so even if we tried, it would be difficult for us to close the gap. But there is a saying: The opponent is the best teacher, and the stronger the opponent, the more can be learned.

We have lost 7 games in a row but have learned lessons from each game. I think we can improve if we can play regularly against top teams like Japan.

We don’t always have the opportunity to compete with the top Asian teams, so this gives us valuable lessons both physically and mentally. That’s why, even though we won’t be able to attend the World Cup, we still go into each match with joy.”

Sharing about expectations for further goals such as the 2026 World Cup, Hung Dung said that the Vietnamese team has secured a spot to attend the AFC Asian Cup in China in 2023. Therefore, the whole team is aiming for further goals. is to win the right to participate in the 2026 World Cup final when the number of teams in the tournament increases to 48 teams.

The captain of the Vietnamese team shared that this will be an extremely difficult goal because the regional teams will work together for this great goal. The Vietnamese team will take the matches in the final qualifying round of the World Cup 2022 as an opportunity to gain experience before realizing distant goals.

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