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Clip of the victim falling on the street before the fatal collision

Recently, a security camera recorded a fatal accident on National Highway 1A, passing through hamlet 5, Ham Duc commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan province. Specifically, at about 6 a.m. on March 21, a tractor-trailer passed by, dragging a woman onto the street, and the motorbike driven by this person was also thrown onto the sidewalk next to it.

Clip of the victim falling onto the road by himself before the tractor came

It is known that the victim in the case is Mrs. NTL (55 years old, living in Ham Duc). At that time, Mrs. TL was driving a motorbike with license plate number 86K6-4188 traveling in the direction of Phan Rang to Phan Thiet, and collided with a tractor with license plate number 50H-09123 owned by Chiu A Que (28 years old, living in Ea Ngang commune, Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province) running in the same direction behind.

According to information in the Lao newspaper, the accident caused Ms. L to die on the spot, and the car was badly damaged. After causing the accident, the tractor driver drove a long distance before stopping. Through investigation, the functional forces determined that at the time of the accident, the tractor-trailer was traveling at a speed of 56km/h and the victim NTL fell on his own before colliding with the vehicle.

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