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Comment on football U23 Vietnam vs Iraq, 23h on 23/3

U23 Vietnam learned a lot from strong opponent Iraq, in the opening match at the Dubai Cup 2022.

After more than a week of military adjustment, U23 Vietnam entered the Dubai Cup 2022 with a very clear goal: Learn and adjust the sights for the 31st SEA Games.

This is not the strongest U23 Vietnam team because many pillars are promoted to Vietnam to prepare for two matches against Oman and Japan.

However, surely the gameplay and personnel framework of U23 Vietnam needs to be shaped at the Dubai Cup, because less than 2 months left, the 31st SEA Games will roll the ball at home.

U23 Vietnam vs Iraq: Preparation for SEA Games
U23 Vietnam has more than 1 week to prepare for the Dubai Cup

The tournament is also an opportunity for young players to express themselves. The faces who have just won the 2022 Southeast Asian U23 Championship in Cambodia such as Quang Thinh, Duy Cuong, Xuan Hoang, Quoc Viet … are very determined to score points to find a place to attend the 31st SEA Games.

Meanwhile, experienced players in the V-League playground such as Van Toan, Van Toi, Lieu Quang Vinh, Hai Long, Xuan Tu or Quang Nho… are the support for the juniors in the team.

At this tournament, acting coach Lee Young Jin directly led the team with the support of coach Gong Oh Kyun and his assistant team. Coach Gong Oh Kyun is the one who took over Vietnam U23 from Coach Park Hang Seo after the 31st SEA Games. Therefore, the presence of the Korean teacher created more motivation for the players to perform.

Comment on football U23 Vietnam vs Iraq, 23h on 23/3
U23 players determined to win a place at the 31st SEA Games

It should be re-affirmed, U23 Vietnam does not place much emphasis on achievement goals, but only tries to do its best to learn from the opponent and know where they stand.

Basically, the gameplay of U23 Vietnam is not disturbed because Coach Park Hang Seo still has remote instructions and builds a U23 team like the national team.

Vietnamese fans hope that coach Lee Young Jin and his team have the best performance, thereby adding confidence to prepare for the campaign to defend the 31st SEA Games gold medal.

Highlights U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand (source: FPT Play):

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