Conditions for getting a vaccine passport

According to Nguyen Ba Hung, Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Health), Vietnam will start implementing electronic vaccine passports from December 20, 2021. At this time, the Ministry of Health has issued Decision No. 5772 on the form and process for granting vaccine passport certification.

Last week, the Ministry of Health piloted electronic certification of Covid-19 vaccination at 3 hospitals: Bach Mai Hospital, K Hospital, E Hospital.

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Vietnam’s vaccine passport form – Photo: Ministry of Health

According to Mr. Hung, the pilot implementation of electronic certification of Covid-19 vaccination at 3 hospitals shows that the system is ready to respond well to the implementation of electronic vaccine passport issuance. Here, the Ministry of Health will deploy nationwide.

According to Mr. Hung, after the issuance of Decision 5772, the Ministry of Health has actively coordinated with the Ministry of Information and Communications and related agencies to build systems for issuing vaccine passport certificates, as well as such as editing some digital signature functions on the Covid-19 vaccination management platform.

According to information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam’s vaccine passport form has been recognized with 17 countries.

“People do not have to travel when there is a need to receive a vaccine passport, the authentication will be done by the vaccine passport agency through identifying vaccination data by the people’s identity card number. Besides, the signing will use digital signatures, so there is no fear of traffic jams.The implementation of e-vaccine passport issuance will help people facilitate travel and international trade. I estimate that from March 15, we will open to international tourism, so the demand for vaccine passports in the coming time will certainly be large,” said Mr. Hung.

Mr. Hung said that according to Decision 5772, vaccination facilities will perform digital signatures, but in terms of technical solutions, there will be two options: First, allowing vaccination facilities to digitally sign. Second, depending on the actual situation of the locality, an agency can be assigned to act as a focal point. For example, the Department of Health, Center for Disease Control… to perform digital signature.

“Signing digitally is also very simple and allows signing in batches, which can sign thousands of people at a time, instead of sitting down to choose each person and each person to sign. Thus, in terms of the process, there is nothing complicated. With the people, just need to get vaccinated and declare accurate information.The vaccination facilities must be responsible for reviewing the information, connecting with the national database on population to authenticate the information. trust of the people” – Mr. Hung affirmed.

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UK accepts Vietnamese vaccine passports. Illustration. Photo: Cnet

The representative of the Health Data Center added that on the Covid-19 PC application, currently the Information Technology Department, the Ministry of Health is working with the Ministry of Information and Communications to build a function to display the vaccine passports. ask for. This means, if people already have correct information on this app then will be automatically shown vaccine passport.

The output is a QR code according to international standards. With this code people can use to go abroad.

Currently, Vietnam is one of the six countries with the highest vaccination coverage rate in the world. The vaccine coverage rate for people 18 years of age and older: 100% for 1 dose, 99% for 2 doses, and 43.5% for those who have received the 3rd dose. For people from 12 -17 years old: 1 dose is 99%, 2 doses are 94%.

Information from the Information Technology Department – Ministry of Health said that to date, more than 202 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been injected nationwide. In particular, the vaccination management platform has recorded over 193 million injections, equivalent to 96% of data entered.

There are still more than 8 million injections injected but the data has not been updated. Along with that, more than 19 million objects (corresponding to more than 41 million injections) have incorrect information on the database. Currently, the Ministry of Health is coordinating with the Ministry of Public Security to develop a plan to supplement vaccination data.

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