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Denmark mentions midfielder Christian Eriksen’s ability to play

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Finland’s Jere Uronen (left) competes for the ball with Denmark’s Christian Eriksen during the Group B match, Euro 2020 Finals at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen on June 12, 2021. Photo: AFP/VNA

Speaking at a press conference before Denmark’s upcoming matches against the Netherlands and Serbia, coach Hjulmand said: “In the immediate future, the biggest possibility is that he will be on the bench against the Netherlands. After that, we I will assess the situation. If he is okay, Christian Eriksen can play when we host Serbia at home.”

Previously, Christian Eriksen missed 4 training sessions with the whole team in Spain after contracting COVID-19, but the seasoned star of Danish football returned on March 23. Coach Hjulmand added: “We will evaluate what he does at Brentford – where he still plays and participates in training.”

Last year, during the match between Denmark and Finland in the framework of EURO 2020, Eriksen suddenly suffered a stroke at the end of the first half. After a stint in the hospital and having a defibrillator installed, Eriksen reappeared. However, according to the rules of the Italian Football Federation, Eriksen was not eligible to play for Inter, so last season, he moved to England to play for the newly promoted team, Brentford. On February 26, Eriksen officially returned to play and he also has the opportunity to join Denmark in the 2022 World Cup later this year.

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