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Farewell to tennis at number 1: Barty’s happiness and regret of the baseball village

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Ash Barty always has a place in the hearts of tennis fans. Photo: AP

The decision came less than two months after Barty was crowned champion at the Australian Open tournament held in her home country. But it’s a personal choice and Barty said she has other dreams to keep pursuing.

Barry, who also retired from tennis in 2014 to turn to a professional cricketer, plans to start a family this year with Garry Kissick, a professional golf coach. She also wants to spend more time with her family. But some people have also begun to speculate that the world’s number one female tennis player may soon return to the sports scene as a professional golfer, or move into the media industry, or even the sports industry. political activities.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked Ash Barty, saying she had inspired Australia at a time when the country needed a shift, moving forward. He affirmed that no matter what Barty does, in any field, he will achieve great success. Australia’s Labor opposition leader Anthony Albanese hailed Ash Barty as “an inspiration and a magician on the pitch”.

Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tilley admitted he was personally surprised by Barty’s decision, insisting people would always remember her as a felt-ball legend. British tennis player Andy Murray spoke for the hearts of most tennis lovers around the world: “Happy for Ash Barty, condolences to the tennis village. A great tennis player” – Murray posted an emotional line on his personal Twitter account.

“This is the first time I’m announcing this, it’s hard to say I’m retired. I know people will be surprised at the reason I give. I accept it. Because I have many other dreams to follow. chasing”, Barty expressed her feelings in an interview with her former teammate Casey Dellacqua on the morning of March 23. The number one female tennis player in the world shared that she is grateful for all that tennis has brought her and helped her. fulfill your own dreams.

Ash Barty insists this is the right time to say goodbye to tennis, put aside the racquet and pursue other dreams. “I still love tennis. It has always been an important part of my life, but now I want to enjoy life as Ashleigh Barty, not tennis player Ash Barty,” the Australian tennis star expressed emotion when explaining. for your decision.

Ash Barty belongs to a small group of sports athletes in general and tennis in particular who decided to retire from his career when he was at the peak of his performance. But it was Barty’s choice, a choice to be cherished, because as she said “my happiness does not depend on the outcome on the court”!

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