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Former police captain Le Thi Hien, who used to be in charge of the airport, was charged with robbery

The Dong Da District Procuratorate, Hanoi has just completed indictments against 18 robbery defendants, including Le Thi Hien, a former police captain who caused a commotion at Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City). .HCM).

In particular, on August 11, 2019, Le Thi Hien (who used to work in the Dong Da District Police) completed the procedure for flight VN 248, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

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Mrs Hien “drinking” at Tan Son Nhat airport. (Photo cut from clip)

After sending four pieces of free baggage, Hien asked the airport staff to send another suitcase and was refused, so he screamed and cursed. After being invited to the Southern Airport Authority for work, Hien spoke rudely to the staff security air.

Clips circulating online show Captain Hien using vulgar language to kill, seriously insulting the honor and dignity of the airline’s female check-in staff, and even beating security and law enforcement officers. After that, Hien was disciplined, demoted, expelled from the Party, and discharged from the army.

In the same year 2019, Hien and Vu Anh Hoang (born 1991, Quang Ninh hometown), Nguyen Duc Thang (born 1992, lives in Hanoi) jointly donated more than 2 billion VND to open Magic Lounge (Dong district Da) to sell drinks, smiley balls.

According to the assignment, Hoang is responsible for collecting effective operating methods from other shops to apply to the Magic shop. Thang is in charge of running ads to find customers. Dan Hien manages revenue and expense logistics, oversees activities and manages the “overseas” segment. Restaurant profits will be divided according to the percentage of capital contributed by each person.

In March 2020, the subject who signed a contract to rent Nguyen Thi Minh Trang (SN 1993, lives in Ha Dong district, Hanoi) created an activity program for the shop with three goals to be achieved in three months. Including January, February and March sales terms must reach 1.6, then 1.7 and 2 billion dong.

If he meets the requirements, Trang will be paid a salary of 50 and 90 million dong. On the other hand, if after three months it does not reach the target in the contract, Trang must continue until it is achieved.

All daily activities of the restaurant will be reported directly by the staff through a separate group on the social networking application so that shareholders can understand and get information through Dinh Quoc Dung. Dung was also the one who transferred the store’s daily income to Hien’s account.

If the customer has money, the store will try to push more food (fruit), drinks (wine, beer), smile balls… so the customer has to pay or have to leave valuables.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the store has no customers, so Trang will have to continue working until March 2021. The page places the restaurant staff on the social networking site to date, gets acquainted, attracts customers to the store, and then offers services. After that, the female staff would run away, leaving the guests to pay. At the same time, form a “security team” to perform tasks such as “protection”, hitting, forcing guests if they do not pay. The method in this shop is called “gi bill”.

Thanks to that, in March 2021, Trang completed all the goals in the contract. Seeing that, the shareholder group wanted to sign a new contract so that Trang could continue to make a profit.

Trang was afraid that the above approach would be related to the law, but Hoang and Thang asked Trang to increase revenue, “if it is related to the law, the board of shareholders has stood to solve it”.

After reaching an agreement, each month, the restaurant deducts from revenue 31 million dong to Hien to spend on external relations, ensuring that shop violations are not dealt with by the authorities. And Trang keeps asking female employees to promote “billing”.

During the operation, the restaurant happened that the staff beat the customers when they refused to pay and the information was posted on social networks… Next to it was the case of a young man “charged” the amount of almost 39 million VND, causing tension .straight, Hien went straight to the shop to finish it.

The investigative agency determined that, from March 31 to April 14, 2021, the subjects committed four robberies, totaling over 84 million dong.

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