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Green tea is considered a “panacea”, but if you break this taboo, drinking tea will only harm your health

Although many studies have shown specific benefits of green tea, it is not always good to drink it or use it as much as possible. According to experts, for good health, the ideal level of green tea consumption is 2 to 3 cups of tea per day. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using green tea:

Drink green tea immediately after eating

Many people have the habit of sipping a cup of tea after their main meal because they think that it will “clear their mouth” and help reduce excess calories and burden on the body. Fact: The protein in the food you have just eaten has not been digested, drinking green tea immediately can be harmful to the digestive process and should therefore be avoided.

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Don’t drink green tea after a full meal

Drinking green tea is too hot

Drinking too hot tea not only deprives you of its taste, it can also cause damage to the lining of your throat and stomach. A study of more than 50,000 people showed that drinking more than 700 ml of hot tea at 60 degrees Celsius per day increased the risk of esophageal cancer by up to 90%.

For the most health benefits and avoiding the above risks, you should only drink warm green tea.

Drink green tea in a hurry

It’s no coincidence that people say “please enjoy the tea” instead of “the tea”. If you drink tea in a hurry, drink it, you will not take advantage of the benefits of tea that bring alertness to the brain and increase metabolism. Sipping a cup of tea during rest and relaxation is the most suitable.

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Green tea should be drunk slowly, while the tea is still warm but not too hot.

Drink green tea on an empty stomach

Because green tea helps replenish and detoxify the body, some people think that drinking it as soon as you wake up is best. This is not entirely true. After hours of fasting, you need something light and soothing to wake up your metabolic system. Green tea is rich in polyphenolic compounds and powerful antioxidants, which can increase stomach acid production and interfere with digestion. Therefore, it is best to drink green tea between meals, when you are neither too full nor too hungry.

Add honey to hot tea

While the tea is still hot, do not add honey. Most of us like to add a little honey to green tea to make this drink more palatable and beneficial. However, if you add honey to a cup of freshly boiled green tea, the nutritional abilities of the honey can be destroyed. Therefore, it is recommended to let the temperature of the tea decrease slightly and then add cinnamon, honey or other ingredients.

Take medicine with green tea water

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It is recommended to take the medicine with filtered water instead of green tea to avoid adverse reactions

Many people are comfortable with having a cup of tea in hand, when it’s time to take medicine, they use this water to drink it. This is especially dangerous because the chemical compounds in the pills can mix with green tea to create acidity. Therefore, the drug should be taken with plain water, not other types of water, including green tea.

Drinking too much green tea

Do not drink green tea every day because green tea has many health benefits. Just like coffee or other teas, green tea contains caffeine. Using too much caffeine during the day can cause a number of side effects including headaches, lethargy, lethargy, anxiety, and irritability. Drinking too much green tea also reduces the body’s absorption of iron. Using the right amount, in moderation is important. Do not exceed 2-3 cups per day.

Soak the tea leaves too long

Soaking green tea leaves for a long time does not help the tea release more nutrients, but only harms and makes the tea more bitter.

Adding too much artificial flavor to green tea

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Natural green tea is the best, artificial flavors added sometimes are not good for health

There are many types of green tea on the market with artificial flavors and additives added to attract buyers. Overall, these additives offer no additional health benefits. Therefore, it is best to use natural flavored green tea.

Give 2 green tea bags at once

Many people can dip 2 tea bags in a cup at the same time because they think it will help burn more calories, thus having a good weight loss effect. In fact, drinking too much tea can cause digestive problems as well as increased acidity.

Things to do to make drinking green tea more beneficial:

– We recommend storing green tea bags in tins or porcelain to preserve flavor. Hot and humid weather conditions can affect the taste and nutritional value of tea if stored incorrectly, exposing the tea to air. You should also pay attention to storing green tea in a place with the right temperature. It is best to store it in a dry place, neither too hot nor too cold.

An important benefit of green tea is that it helps increase metabolism, thereby helping you burn more calories. Therefore, it should be taken regularly every day to achieve good results.

– It is better to drink green tea in the morning rather than at night, when the body is not too hungry or too full.

– Use bottled water or mineral water to make green tea.

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