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Husband forbids his wife to turn on the night light and touch “little children” during sex, the special reason behind it

TS.BS.Nguyen Dinh Lien

The doctor, Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of Renal Surgery, Urology and Andrology (Central Hospital E), said that the doctors in the department had just received and managed to treat a rather special male patient. .

The patient came to the hospital alone and was quite embarrassed when he entered the clinic. After being encouraged by Doctor Lien Lien, the new patient shared that there was a problem with his genitals, which made his sex life unsatisfactory.

Thus, the scrotum of a male patient appears to be covered with small white lumps and grows, their density increases. Because of the “foreign object”, during sex with his wife, the patient lost confidence and did not dare to turn on the night light for fear of being caught by his wife.

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The male patient only had sex with his wife in the dark, not letting his wife touch his private areas. Illustration.

“I only do it in the dark, even in the dim light of the night light. Every time my wife intervened, even though I really wanted to be stimulated, I didn’t dare because I was afraid that my wife would know that I had lost interest,” said the male patient.

After examination, the patient was diagnosed with a sebaceous gland cyst in the scrotum by Doctor Lien and indicated for surgery and removal of the cyst. According to Dr. Spleen, sebaceous gland cysts can be found anywhere on the body, but they are quite rare in the scrotum.

In the case of a patient with a sebaceous cyst in the scrotum, if due to low self-esteem, do not go to the doctor and undergo surgery on time, which can leave complications such as causing back pain, scratching pain, infection, even if left unchecked. for a long time, maybe even cancer… In addition, this condition also affects psychological well-being such as anxiety, stress and this will affect health in general and sexual health in particular.

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Many people don’t want to turn on the light during sex for the most unexpected reasons. Illustration

One of the problems that doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien warns of is that sebaceous gland cysts swell into pimple-like lumps and cause many people to mistake them for pimples, so they often arbitrarily make incisions and squeeze the seeds inside. This is very dangerous because it causes the tumor to grow and recur again and again, not to mention the unhealthy incision and molding process will lead to superinfection.

Likewise, if the tumor is small, it does not cause pain or discomfort, but if left for a long time, it will lose its beauty, even cause inflammation, over time it becomes easy to necrotize, form ulcers, festering. pus causes pain to the patient. If only at this stage, treatment will often be difficult and expensive.

Experts say that the nature of this tumor is benign, so patients are not too worried if it is detected and treated on time. Therefore, when detecting a tumor, the patient needs to visit a medical facility to consult a doctor for the most effective treatment.

“Depending on the stage, the doctor will have the right treatment method. Currently surgical removal of the tumor is still considered the most optimal, doctors can make cuts even for small tumors. Therefore, if a single cyst usually exfoliates simply, in patients with cluster cysts, the doctor will remove the entire scrotal skin, then reshape it,” said Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien said.

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