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Impersonating a police officer, appropriating the taxi driver’s property

Ha Tinh City police said that the unit had just arrested Nguyen Trung Thanh (born in 1975, residing in Hanoi) for pretending to be a police officer, fraudulently appropriating property.

According to the investigative agency, on February 6, after handling personal work in Duc Tho district, Nguyen Trung Thanh took a bus to Ha Tinh city to play. Here, Thanh arose the intention to pretend to wave a taxi to approach the driver, in order to cheat and appropriate property.

Around 12 o’clock on the same day, Thanh waved a taxi driven by Mr. H. and asked to take him to Dien Chau (Nghe An). When the taxi had just run for a while, Thanh asked the driver to take him to the Traffic Police Department of Ha Tinh Province Police to pick you up.

On the way, listening to Mr. H. talk about being punished by the traffic police, Thanh introduced himself as a police officer, expressing his desire to help Mr. H. ask to escape the fine, in order to give Mr. H. confidence, favorable access to property appropriation.

Impersonating a police officer, appropriating the taxi driver's property
Nguyen Trung Thanh at the investigation agency (Photo provided by the police)

When he went to the Traffic Police Department, Thanh said his phone ran out of battery and borrowed Mr. H’s phone to call a friend. Because of his trust, Mr. H. gave Thanh a phone worth 6 million VND to borrow.

After that, Thanh asked the driver to go to Ha Tinh City Police to pick him up, and the phone was lent to Thanh to contact the other friend at the Traffic Police Department. When Mr. H. comes back, he will go to the People’s Procuracy of Dien Chau district, Nghe An province.

Believing Thanh’s words, Mr. H. left the phone for Thanh to use and then drove the car to the City Police to pick up people. However, when he went to Ha Tinh City Police, Mr. H. could not find his friend as Thanh said.

Knowing that he was deceived, Mr. H. went to report to the competent force. On March 15, the police summoned Thanh to work.

At the investigation agency, Thanh admitted his crime.

The case is being further investigated.

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