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In the midst of rumors of his ex-lover’s proposal, Cao Thai Ha is thin, his makeup is still beautiful

On White Valentine’s Day, the entire entertainment world was excited about Ngo Thanh Van and Minh Hang’s emotional marriage proposal. In it, the One Round the Earth singer’s fiancé gets the most attention because he’s pretty tight-lipped. Many sources say that Minh Hang’s girlfriend is a rumored ex-girlfriend Cao Thai Ha.

Every move of the actress surnamed Cao immediately attracted special attention from the people. Recently, Cao Thai Ha has an amazing sharing line with fresh flower-like appearance.

In the midst of rumors of an ex-lover's proposal, Cao Thai Ha is thin, Dew Makeup is still beautiful - 1

She wore a “sizzling” streetstyle outfit that showed off her slender body, ant-like waist, and porcelain white skin. The policewoman of Underground Storm in real life is as beautiful and strong as the screen.

Therefore, the Vietnamese screen “Queen of hot scenes” shared: “The most beautiful girl is when her eyes are full of sad stories but her face is very calm. Her daily make-up and favorite clothes! Admiring no one, laughing at no one, nor laughing at anyone. Depending on someone… Just secretly trying to swallow tears, grievances live within, live with pride.”

In the midst of rumors of an ex-lover's proposal, Cao Thai Ha is thin, Dew Makeup is still beautiful - 3

Although I don’t know what’s really going on, it can be seen that the pink shadows are getting thinner. However, the fresh and glowing moon look still has great appeal.

With rosy wings, makeup is the ultimate “weapon” to help make the appearance more temperamental. Woman You don’t have to be good at makeup, but you should at least know the basics. Cao Thai Ha is one of those beautiful women associated with hot scenes in movies, but her makeup is very simple.

In the midst of rumors of marriage proposals, Cao Thai Ha's body is thin, her makeup is still beautiful - 4

Having pink and white skin, the slim body standard for a Korean idol, Cao Thai Ha simply loves slapping styles. She usually wears very light makeup, or sometimes just applies a light layer of pillow and accentuates her lips with lipstick.

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Perhaps due to her busy filming work, and playing a role that required a gentle slap, the actress’ interface was very public-friendly.

Usually, during filming, depending on the number of scenes, the actors are decorated with different make-up. However, most of them “paint the face” very gently, because the angle is close to the face, so if the makeup is sophisticated and thick, it will be easy for the opposite reaction. The beauty of the sail flower can last several years.

In the midst of rumors of his ex-lover's marriage proposal, Cao Thai Ha's thin body, dew makeup is still beautiful - 5

Mist makeup helps women look younger than their actual age but still gives them a fresh and radiant look. Cao Thai Ha has beautiful skin, so she only needs to slightly modify her eyebrows, pressing and curling her eyelashes, a little blush and lipstick as a final step.

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Gout’s makeup hardly changes when going to the movies, going out or even walking on the street, going to a cafe.

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Summer is coming soon, perhaps the most valuable item for a woman to buy is lipstick. Cao Thai Ha often prefers lips pink to earth, earth orange, or pink to red.

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With the hot bikini concept, she just changed the layout a bit to earth tones and still says no to false eyelashes, thick eyeliner.

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