Launching a national response to the Earth Hour 2022 campaign

This morning (March 23), MONRE held a national launch ceremony to respond to World Water Day, World Meteorological Day and Earth Hour 2022 campaign.

In the opening speech, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said, the theme of World Water Day “Groundwater – Turning invisible resources into visible”, World Meteorological Day “Early warning for early action -” Hydrometeorological and climate information for effective disaster risk reduction” and the Earth Hour 2022 Campaign “Make the Future – Now or Never” are closely linked, thereby calling for Calling the attention of the community to strengthen solutions, develop plans, strategies, and take timely action right now.

Launching a national response to the Earth Hour 2022 campaign
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha. Photo: TN&MT . Newspaper

That is to further strengthen the work of information, forecasting, early warning and in the short and long term to protect people’s lives and properties; promote the management, exploitation, protection and sustainable use of groundwater in particular and water resources in general for the life of present and future generations; Spread the use of energy saving for the sustainable future of the planet and humanity.

According to Minister Tran Hong Ha, Vietnam is one of the countries heavily affected by natural disasters and climate change. On average, each year, we are suffering from 6-7 storms; The effects of drought, saltwater intrusion, landslides, or lack of clean water sources in many localities and regions are occurring with greater frequency, hindering the development of the country. Especially, in recent years, there have been many unusual, extreme and unpredictable natural disasters.

In that context, efforts to respond to challenges related to climate change, reduce and prevent risks of natural disaster prevention and control; ensuring national water resource security has achieved many encouraging results.

At the launching ceremony today, Minister Tran Hong Ha suggested that the authorities at all levels fundamentally renew their awareness and thinking in making development policies towards an eco-economy-based economy, developing a green economy. , circular economy; People all over the country actively work together to act so that each specific action will resonate, creating great spillovers in the whole society for a sustainable future.

He also suggested continuing to promote smart and economical water use; actively restore degraded and polluted rivers; Restoring degraded groundwater resources is essential to making an important contribution to prosperous and sustainable national development, ensuring water security and water-based livelihoods…

At the launching ceremony, the delegates listened to the speech and message of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc on the occasion of World Water Day, World Meteorological Day and Earth Hour Campaign 2022.

In order to spread the response to the Earth Hour 2022 campaign, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment proposes agencies, organizations and individuals to jointly organize the activity of “turning off the lights and turning off unnecessary electrical equipment” from 8:30 to 21:30 on the 26th. /3.

Huong Quynh

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