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Launching the National Innovation Startup Festival TECHFEST 2022

Technology Innovation Day
TECHFEST 2022 was launched online on the afternoon of March 22. (Source: TECHFEST 2022)

TECHFEST VIETNAM 2022 is launched by the Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprises (NATEC), State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese (State Committee on Foreign Affairs) NVNONN), Vietnam Science and Technology Enterprise Startup Fund (SVF), Project Office 844 (ISEV), National Center for Creative Startups (NSSC) and companion partners, promising to bring together thousands of innovative start-ups, support units, experts, investors in many fields of technology, aspects related to creative startups. domestically as well as internationally.

Continuing the results achieved since 2021, in addition to the annual key activities at the TECHFEST such as a high-level policy dialogue forum, a national innovation startup talent search competition, investment matching activities, an exhibition of innovative technology solutions and activities of technology villages. In fields, the chain of activities continues to be developed with an open mind, forming bridges with scientific and technological institutions that have been operating effectively such as: technology transfer activities, standards , measurement, quality, intellectual property, technology market, creating a close link in the national innovation system.

Thus, more effectively serving the needs of the government, businesses and society according to the open innovation model, posing challenges to unlock innovative solutions from the people, serving the people, more effectively exploiting the intellectual potential of Vietnamese people, and contributing to realizing the vision and aspiration for a powerful Vietnam.

Adapting to the new normal, expanding access to knowledge and connecting globally, TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 is a series of live and online activities, applying advanced technologies such as 2D and 3D virtual exhibitions, virtual reality meeting rooms… for seminars, professional conferences, etc. contests, investment connections… on a unified platform.

TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 promises to bring many new experiences and new opportunities for attendees, whether investors, policy makers, experts, advisors, coaches or founders, groups research, whether in Vietnam or around the world.

TECHFEST 2022 also appears new technology villages to introduce and exchange technologies that are currently of particular interest such as blockchain technology, pharmaceutical technology, metaverseconvert numbers…

In particular, investment connection activities are implemented methodically with legal support services to help promote investment attraction for innovative start-ups.



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