Liberation warrior “Nika” awakens, Hyori cremates Orochi

Title One Piece Chapter 1044 is: “Liberation Warrior”.

This week’s cover art continues the emotionless journey of the Germa 66 family with the title: “Mom has already left the house, let’s start studying!”. In the picture now appears Oven and his siblings (Prim, Kato, Brownie and Anana) standing around the page holding Niji and Yonji. When Oven said goodbye, his brothers, sisters, and brothers began to use tools (knives, hammers, saws, lasers, …) to study their bodies.

The chapter begins with Luffy talking, although we can’t see him up close. The drums are getting louder and louder.

Luffy: What happened? I… Why?… How can I get up when I’ve lost. Feeling very happy… Ahahahaha!!

As Luffy speaks, we see from a distance, black lightning bolts escaping from Luffy’s body.

Zunesha is still with World Government ships in the waters near Wanokuni. Momonosuke looked up at Onigashima’s roof, Momo felt very uncomfortable and even shivered.

Momonosuke: Joy Boy…? You mean Luffy?

Yamato: That’s… what Zunesha said!

In Lefty Tower’s Fun Lobby, we see some people tending to Sanji (he’s lying on a mattress). Suddenly, Sanji stood up because he sensed something and looked up.

Similar scenes also appear in Luffy’s powerful allies, including Kid, Law, and Hyogoro in the main hall. Marco confirmed to Nami and Tama (who were now crying) that Luffy was still breathing.

Transition to Mary Geoise’s Sanctuary, to the “Room of Power” in Pangea castle. The Five Elders continued to talk about the situation in Wanokuni. One of them wondered if “that” was worth the price they paid with a top agent and the consequences of pissing Kaido off. The Gorosei with the knotted hair affirms that it’s worth it, especially given the possible future situation if “that” happens.

Sword-wielding Five Elders: The World Government has been trying to keep Gomu Gomu no Mi by their side for all time. But somehow, it always mysteriously disappears from their hands. And 800 years have passed…!

The Five Elders with the big beard and mustache: It felt like that devil fruit was trying to escape from their hands.

Five Elder Stars with scars on their heads: It’s also possible, as we all know each Devil Fruit has its own wisdom. Especially the devil fruit bearing the name of “God”… Another name for Gomu Gomu no Mi is…

The Five Elders with blonde hair: Hito Hito no Mi (left human-human) Zoan myth… Model: Nika.

While the Five Elders are chatting, we see Luffy’s shadow appear in a grand double page with a bright moon in the background. Luffy’s silhouette looks exactly like the Nika Who’s Who mentioned (no weapon in hand). Although we only see a black shadow, Luffy is clearly smiling. In addition, the drums continued to sound.

Luffy: Ahahahahahaha!!!

One Piece full spoiler chap 1044: Liberation warrior

Gorosei continued speaking while Luffy’s face was depicted close-up. He is smiling.

Gorosei: His body has the properties of rubber. He can fight any way he wants… Making people smile wherever he goes. He is referred to as the “Soldier of Liberation”, also known as… “Nika, the Sun God”. Awakening will give the rubber body more “strength” and “freedom”. It is said that… it’s the weirdest power in the world!!

The scene changes to the Treasure Hall on the 2nd floor of Onigashima Castle. Orochi was still trapped under the rubble.

Orochi: Hey… Hiyori. I… I also miss Oden…!! I was taken advantage of… Kaido!! Let’s run away from here together…!! Now remove the needle for me…

Hiyori: My father kept his promise, didn’t he? He believes in your and Kaido’s promise to spare this Wano country. For 5 years, my father danced for fun…!! Even against his family!! My father kept his promise!! He believes that the promise will free them all. He even endured an hour of being burned in boiling oil…!! He was always smiling… Even when the life of an entire country was taken. My father had to endure all that pain alone!!!

We see a small flashback between Oden and Hiyori.

Oden: What’s wrong, Hiyori?

Hiyori: Dad, are you okay when people talk bad about you?

Oden: Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask that? That’s because… dad had everyone by his side!!

Hiyori: Really? Then let’s be together forever.

Returning to the present, Orochi continued talking.

Orochi: That’s right!! Oden is such a great samurai!! As a Shogun, I still respect your father…

Hiyori: …

Hiyori took off her mask and shouted angrily at Orochi while she cried in pain.

Hiyori: My name is Kouzuki Hiyori!!! Shut up, you insolent!!!

Orochi: Oh!!!

Hiyori: There are times when we even have to go hungry and wear ragged clothes!! But I’m still proud to live with my father’s line!! You don’t deserve to be Shogun even for a day!! What a pitiful idiot!!! And as your stupidity grows bigger and bigger, so will innocent lives die in vain!!

Orochi was scared after hearing Hiyori’s words.

Orochi: You won’t do anything to me right? Revenge is no longer in vogue these days. And even if you kill me, you have no chance of defeating Kaido.

Suddenly, a Kazenbo miniature version of Kanjurou returns to where Orochi and Hiyori were.

Kanjurou’s Kazenbo: Orochi-sama…

Orochi: Huh?

Kanjurou’s Kazenbo: I… was… failed…

Orochi: Kanjurou?

You came back just in time!! We will turn the tables!! Burn that woman to death!!! What a tragedy! Remnants of Kouzuki, have you seen? This is the “luck” of the strongest!!!

Kanjurou’s Kazenbo: Orochi-sama…

Orochi: Huh? This! What the hell are you doing? Gyaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Kanjurou’s Kazenbo ignored Orochi’s words and instead of looking for Hiyori, it went to Orochi, Orochi’s whole body started to burn violently. Hiyori watched him writhe in the fire with tears welling in his eyes.

Hiyori: “Dawn” will come.

Orochi: Stupid Kanjurou, what are you doing!!! Hiyori girl, save me!!!

Hiyori: The Kouzuki family… always keep their promises!!

Back on the roof of Onigashima, there we see Luffy’s silhouette again with a full moon in the background.

Luffy: I feel like I can do whatever I want…!! My heartbeat sounds so good!! This must be my highest peak…!! This is… Gear 5!!!

Back in the main hall, a giant explosion created by Conqueror Haki occurred just above the hall. A lot of black lightning pierced the roof and Kaido’s subordinates began to unconsciously foam at the mouth. Kaido nervously looked up at the roof.

Kaido: There’s something on the roof…!!

In a large double page, we see Luffy’s arm breaking through the roof of the main hall. That large arm entered the hall and grabbed Kaido who was in dragon form. Everyone watching the scene was shocked.

Kid: Straw Hat…?

Chopper (crying): Luffy ~~~~~!?

Luffy easily pulls Kaido back to the roof (Kaido’s eyes pop out, like in the cartoon). Luffy then tightens his muscles and swings Kaido around., Kaido’s face looks like it was in a cartoon, his eyes go wide again.

One Piece full spoiler chap 1044: Liberation warrior

Luffy stops spinning and starts banging Kaido back and forth on the ground (like the scene where Jerry grabs Tom by the tail and hits the floor). After Luffy let go, Kaido stood up dizzy, with a bump on his head and little stars flying out from it (like a cartoon again). Luffy couldn’t stop laughing.

One Piece full spoiler chapter 1044: Liberation warrior

Luffy: Haha. Haha. Ahahahaha!!

Kaido: …!! Straw hat… !! I’m still alive…!! Too good. Bolo Breath!!!

Luffy: Ahahahaha!! Open? Aaahhhhh!!!

Luffy (who had now returned to his normal form) was lying on the ground laughing non-stop, but when he saw Kaidou’s “Bolo Breath”, he shouted in surprise. Luffy’s eyes are also wide open like in the anime, but it’s too big for Kaido’s.

Luffy grabbed the ground with his hand and stretched it, causing the ground to turn into rubber. Kaido’s Bolo Breath hits the ground, but since it’s rubber now, it’s not destroyed easily. Luffy continued to strain his mouse and thrash the ground, causing Bolo Breath to bounce back to Kaidou and create a huge explosion.

We finally get a clear view of Luffy’s entire body. His appearance is almost the same as always, Luffy’s outer shirt is now white instead of black. Luffy’s hair turns into flames and has a white gaseous silk band wrapped around his neck and around his armpits.

Luffy couldn’t stop laughing again as Kaido stood up. Gear 5 is officially released.

Luffy: Ahyahyahya!

Kaido: …!! I’m sorry for what happened earlier, stupid…!! I didn’t want to win like that.

Luffy looked at Kaido with determination and a smile on his face.

Luffy: Stop reminding me!! Let’s end this!!!

One Piece full spoiler chap 1044: Liberation warrior

End of chapter.

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