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Like dinosaurs, born whales

The team led by the ancient house creature Scientist Rodolfo Salas, founder and director of the paleontology department of the Natural History Museum of the National University of San Marcos in Lima, analyzed and identified the skull as belonging to a Basilosaurus, or “king” the lizard”.

According to Science Alert, the skull was unearthed in Peru’s Ocucaje desert, in exceptionally good condition with its knife-like teeth intact. Measurement results show that if all the remains are found, the length from head to tail of the beast will be up to 12 meters long.

Basilosaurus is one of the most baffling ancient creatures to science. Their fossilized skeleton is exactly the same as a skeleton.” snake King “giant in the movies, attached to a monstrous skull. That is also the reason for the name bearing the “color” of the dinosaur and the nickname “lizard king.” Science once classified Basilosaurus in the group of marine reptiles .

This beast is one of the species that dominates the sea, has a body like a giant snake, a head a bit like a crocodile, and has 4 small legs.

However, later, several other remains were found that helped determine it was not a dinosaur, not a snake, and not a reptile. It was a mammal and is the ancestor of whales and dolphins today, according to the Smithsonian Magazine

Basilosaurus existed on Earth about 34-40 million years ago. Scientists have yet to determine the exact age and species of the specimen unearthed in Peru, but they believe it to be a new species of Basilosaurus. Temporarily, it was called the “Ocucaje carnivorous beast”.

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