Love must be the right way, covering too much accidentally destroys the future of children

Raising and educating children is always a matter of great concern for parents. However, not everyone has the right method. In many cases, parents think that just standing behind and teaching every move, being close to their child can make the children grow up smoothly. But is it really that simple?

Sometimes too much attention and attention to children does not make the children better, but also causes “backfire”. Parents who are too concerned and caring will make their children develop inertia. Pushing to study puts pressure on children, learning goals are not clear, children will think that they learn for others and depend on adults.

In the long run, it is difficult for children to form good study and living habits, which greatly affects their development. Here are 4 things parents are lazy, more beneficial for their children.

    1. Parents are “lazy” to take them to school, children soon learn to go to school by themselves

Depending on a certain age, the transportation of children is necessary and unnecessary. For children who are already strong, parents should gradually teach their children how to go to school by themselves every day.

A parent with young children shared: “Although there are many children of the same age who are picked up by their parents every day, I very rarely go to pick them up. I picked him up a few times when he first started school, but then I let him go on his own. Because the school is only about 1km from home and there is little traffic, I want him to be able to go to school by himself. This is also a way to develop independence in children.”

The more lazy parents are with these 4 points, the more money their children will have: Love must be right, overprotective, inadvertently destroying children's future - Photo 1.

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“There are days when she stays up late, gets up late the next day, she wants me to drive her to school but I refuse to go to work as an excuse. The boy stamped his feet on the spot, but I firmly disagreed. After that, my child was late to school and was punished by the teacher to clean up after school.”

“I know that the boy is most afraid of being punished by his teacher, so he only needs to be late once to learn a lesson and correct his bad habits. Surely in the future he will form effective work and rest habits.”

In fact, letting children walk to school on their own is not only a health exercise but also a good habit of not relying on others.

    2. Parents “lazy” urge, children voluntarily complete homework

The problem that makes the majority of parents have a headache is probably tutoring their children with homework. To have an effective tutoring session, parents should get rid of the idea of ​​”little by little” instructions so that their children can do the test with the right results.

Instead, parents just need to remind their children when it’s time to do their homework and ask them to report back to you when it’s done. For difficult exercises that require deep thinking, parents should not show them how to do it, but give them methods for them to form their own thoughts and find the right solution.

Make children realize that learning is their own business and that parents are only guides when they have problems that cannot be solved.

If your child doesn’t know the meaning of a new English word, never tell him the answer right away, instead, parents should ask him to look it up in the dictionary so that he knows how to study on his own whenever no one is around. edge. In addition, parents should change the usual teaching methods by creating games such as guessing words, matching words… to help children become more interested in learning, and maximize efficiency in each lesson.

When tutoring children, parents should not work too hard to guide their children to do the right results, but learn to discover what children can do, help them form independent thinking, creating a premise for later development.

    The more lazy parents are with these 4 points, the more money their children will have: Love must be done in the right way, covering too much inadvertently destroying children's future - Photo 2.

    Illustration. Photo: Internet

    3. Parents “lazy” remind, children actively do housework

To motivate their children to learn, many parents choose to repeat repeated reminders. Some families even loudly scold their children so that they can sit at the study table. However, many people must be aware that this work is effective, but it will also cause children to be stubborn, it is necessary to have someone behind to remind them to do it. At the same time, over time, this also makes me depressed, not attaching too much importance to studying.

Frequent reminders are not necessarily effective, it depends on many different factors and circumstances. If you only constantly nag and argue, the effect will not be good. On the contrary, if you train your children to have a sense of initiative in completing their own tasks, that is something to be proud of.

    4. Parents are “lazy” worried, children practice independence at work

“I don’t help with anything my son can do. For example, when his room is messy, I remind him to clean and I am happy to see him clean his own room,” one mother have a son in middle school to share.

Children often have to go home to prepare various materials and supplies in science and technology classes, parents should ask them to prepare by themselves. If I want to buy something, please give me the right amount of money so I can go to the store to buy it myself.

This helps children to form self-discipline, not relying too much on the thought “my parents can always help me get things done”. Being your child’s fulcrum is a very good thing, but parents should be a support for children to strive for development, not a place for children to rely on.

It is the different “laziness” of parents that contributes to the reasonable study and living habits of children. In learning, children can get rid of laziness and distractions; when facing difficulties, children can think and act independently, actively find solutions; In life, children are highly independent, able to take care of everything on their own.

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