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Many Russian planes were captured abroad

Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev said on March 22 that Russia had lost 78 aircraft due to Western sanctions after it launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

Savelyev added that nearly 800 aircraft in a fleet of 1,300 are currently registered under Russian jurisdiction.

Russian planes were seized even in a number of countries Moscow considers friendly, including Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Russian authorities have tried to negotiate the acquisition of the captured planes, but to no avail. The owners of these planes firmly demanded that Russia return the property.

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“Nearly 800 machines have been shipped [sang cơ quan đăng ký hàng không Nga]. We will have these planes through a Russian insurance company. Russia also lost 78 aircraft.Minister Savelyev said at the meeting of the Economic Policy Committee of the Federal Council on March 22.

“We are looking for a legal way to negotiate with the lessor and resolve the issue, but so far have not been successful. They don’t want to negotiate compensation or buy back their assets by Russian airlines.”Mr. Savelyev added.

Earlier, on March 12, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority – formerly the registry of most Russian aircraft, announced that due to international sanctions against Russian aviation, the Registrar Bermuda Aircraft could not approve Russian aircraft to be airworthy.

“International sanctions on the aviation sector have had a significant impact on the ability to maintain safe supervision of aircraft operated by Russia. As a result, the BCAA has temporarily suspended all certificates of airworthiness of Russian aircraft.”the statement states.

On March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an amendment to the Aviation Code of the Russian Federation. The bill, introduced by the government to support Russia’s transport industry, which is facing external sanctions, allows Russian airline companies to register domestically for leased foreign aircraft. . The bill has also created an opportunity for airlines to receive certificates of eligibility to fly right in Russia.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the US, Canada and all EU countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft. Moscow responded similarly.

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