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MC Thanh Mai shows off her charming beauty in fashion photos

MC Thanh Mai
MC Thanh Mai chose a layered dress, made of flying materials during coastal walks, bringing a graceful look to the eye.

About two months ago, MC Thanh Mai to the US to visit her daughter in combination with tourism.

On the Huntington coast of California, actor Birch love song fashion photo shoot, wearing a series of multi-style costumes, helping to enhance the beauty.

MC Thanh Mai
The highlight of the dress is a contrasting combination of two deep blue – red colors. In addition, this design is embellished with delicate embroidered floral motifs to make the wearer more beautiful.
MC Thanh Mai
At the age of forty, she still stands out with her radiant beauty, slim appearance with measurements of 90-58-92 cm. The female MC “New Vitality” shared that this is the result of her hard work in sports over the years.
MC Thanh Mai
Flared skirt combined with a collared shirt has a style that blends modern and classic beauty. This is an easy-to-wear outfit for those who love feminine style.
MC Thanh Mai
MC Thanh Mai continues to score with sweet pastel colors. This is the secret to help her look younger and more attractive every time she goes down the street. Pink is also being enthusiastically promoted by international fashion houses from 2021 to now.
MC Thanh Mai
The waist dress is not a new trend, but it is still popular because of its convenience, helping the wearer to be more graceful on the street no matter what time of year it is.
MC Thanh Mai
MC Thanh Mai chooses a classic brown color, accented with pearl jewelry to add an eye-catching part.
MC Thanh Mai
The patterned skirt pattern created by hand-sewn technique is especially loved by MC Thanh Mai. Besides, the flared dress creates a sense of flight, cut and sewn on outstanding colorful printed fabric.
MC Thanh Mai
The beauty combines a ton-sur-ton headband, perfecting the appearance. Fabric headband styles are loved by women because it helps to shape the bangs and enhance the charm.

Thanh Mai maintains a reasonable diet, focusing on eating vegetables, fruits and low-calorie foods such as boiled chicken breast, not eating fried or fried meat.

In addition, she uses advanced beauty treatments to prevent her skin from premature aging. The beauty said she supports women learning and taking advantage of beauty technology in moderation to make life lighter.

Recently, MC Thanh Mai has spent a lot of time on beauty care.

She is focusing on business, running a beauty salon system and not doing much art, only occasionally re-appearing in some events.



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