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Microsoft stops supporting Internet Explorer on June 15

Microsoft has made the latest announcement to users that they will be removing the IE desktop application from most recent versions of Windows 10 from next June. From that point forward, users will see Microsoft Edge pop up when they tap the Internet button on their desktop.

Edge will take over all default Internet browsing activities for the Windows operating system. According to many reviews of the technology world, Edge is not a bad browser like Internet Explorer because it is based on Chromium, similar to Google Chrome.

Since several years now, Microsoft has been using the Chromium-based Edge browser, which has IE installed so that older websites can also work with the new browser.

Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer on June 15 - Photo 1.

Currently, Chrome is quite popularly used and very few Internet users use any of these browsers. In addition to Chrome, Firefox is also being used by some people. Many experts recommend using the Firefox browser when you need a new browsing platform.

Microsoft added that, for users and businesses that are active and still rely on Internet Explorer in 2022, Microsoft is keeping Internet Explorer mode in Edge to ensure compatibility. This mode will be valid until 2029.

Internet Explorer is also set to be removed from Windows 8 and Windows 7 in January 2023.

Last year, a Microsoft spokesperson shared on IT website The Verge that software vendor Microsoft will end support for the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser on June 15, 2022, thus discontinuing it. for individual users. In the future, Microsoft wants to focus entirely on the Microsoft Edge browser.

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