Netizens criticize Hien Ho’s salary as too high compared to his ability

After Hien Ho’s huge salary was revealed, many netizens doubted, even sarcastically, the amount of money the female singer received was not just for singing.

In the midst of a series of love scandals with the giants of U60, Hien Ho’s salary level continues to be a controversial topic when many people do not believe that the female singer born in 1997 can earn a “huge” amount of money in just a few months. a show.

According to the share of some show voters, the owner of the performance organizer in Ho Chi Minh City, the level salaries of Hien Ho is really not a small number.

The owner of a famous music show with concerts in the center of Ho Chi Minh City said that to invite Hien Ho to perform in one night, the price can range from VND 250 million to VND 350 million.

This also depends on the size and quantity as well as the nature of the song that the female singer performed that night.

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Another famous tea house owner in Ho Chi Minh City also confirmed that he invited Hien Ho to perform, so the above number is not wrong.

This person also shared, about a year ago, Hien Ho was only at a low salary of 100 million VND / 1 show. However, at the present time, to invite a female singer to perform, it has to be about 12,000 – 15,000 USD for a show (about 274 million VND to 343 million VND).

Not stopping there, many tea room owners also commented, Hien Ho rarely receive shows. Perhaps, for this reason, her salary is as shocking as it is now.

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However, many comments indicate that although Hien Ho sings well, it is not a name with widespread popularity, not to mention that the product launched is quite “drip”, so this salary level is too high for the taste. position of female singer.

The amount of money Hien Ho earned in a show from the show’s side revealed to be in the top of the market, surpassing many famous and veteran names, making some netizens doubt and even sarcastic about the female singer’s money. Singers get not just for singing.

Some comments from netizens:

– This price is not only for singing, is it?

– What is so unbelievable about the stars, even more than many senior artists? Bang Le Quyen always? Yes, dream.

– Hien Ho is also a B star in showbiz. Hit has a few songs that Hien Ho’s name is not widely covered.

– The price is so high, who wants to book?

– I’ve never seen Hien Ho act in a tea room or bar in the North, so I know that sand – ce is right?

Hien Ho (real name Ho Thi Hien, born in 1997), once won the runner-up prize of the program Vietnamese Voice when he was just 20 years old.

Coming from a family with difficult circumstances, Hien Ho had a very difficult start when pursuing a singing career. After many years of operation, Hien Ho owns many hits such as: Then the Beloved Turned into a Stranger, I Was Different In The Past, Let’s Get Married…

Recently, Hien Ho surprised many people by constantly sharing pictures revealing her luxurious life.

At the age of 25, the vocalist Meet But Don’t Stay owns a huge fortune, typically a modern apartment and a supercar of more than 13 billion.

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