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Overcoming difficulties, successfully completing the task

Vietnam Navy: Overcoming difficulties, successfully completing tasks.  (Source: Communist Party)
Rear Admiral Pham Van Luyen, Vice Chairman of Politics of the Vietnam Navy. (Source: Communist Party)

Rear Admiral Pham Van Luyen, Vice Chairman of the Political Department of the Navy, said that in 2021, the Army will deploy to perform tasks in the context of the rapid and complicated development of the world and regional situation; hostile forces, reactionaries, and political opportunists to step up anti-sabotage activities, the Party, the State and the Army.

The East Sea continues to be an area with many potential instability factors before the competition for interests and influence of major countries, affecting the security situation of our sovereignty over sea and islands.

On the basis of deeply grasping the resolutions and directives of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission (QUTW), the Ministry of National Defense and the actual situation, the Party Committee and the Navy Command have led and directed successfully complete military and defense tasks, including many outstanding and outstanding tasks.

Ready to fight

The Party Committee and Command of the Armed Forces have led, directed, thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the resolutions and directives of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense.

The Navy actively grasps, evaluates and forecasts the right situation, promptly advises and proposes to the National Defense Commission and the Ministry of National Defense guidelines, solutions, and directly deals with situations effectively and with the right policy. , not to be passive or surprised, to maintain sovereignty and a peaceful and stable environment at sea.

The Army Service strictly maintains the duty regime, forces and means; organize patrol, control and strictly manage sea areas and marine economic activities; prevented and chased away more than 2,000 times of foreign fishing vessels violating Vietnamese waters (increasing 1,300 turns compared to 2020).

In addition, the unit has well done propaganda and advocacy work for more than 8,300 fishing boats of our fishermen in the implementation of Directive 45 of the Prime Minister. “About some urgent tasks and solutions to overcome the European Commission’s warning against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing”, thereby contributing to reducing the situation of our fishing vessels illegally exploiting seafood in foreign waters.

Actively, proactively, using forces and means to participate in search and rescue, protection and help for fishermen, especially in offshore and bordering seas, really serve as a fulcrum for fishermen. people reach out to sea, clinging to the sea.

In particular, in 2021, the Navy has organized 156 search and rescue operations; using 109 vehicles; 2,813 turns of officers and soldiers; 319 people rescued; rescue, repair and repair 28 vehicles in distress at sea.

Education and propaganda work

The Armed Forces continue to build a politically strong unit, with cadres and soldiers having steadfast political will, firmness, absolute loyalty, ready to accept and complete all assigned tasks.

In particular, the organization researches, studies, thoroughly grasps and strictly implements the resolutions, directives and conclusions of the Party, the State, the Central Government and the Ministry of National Defense.

At the same time, the Navy has effectively deployed information and propaganda on holidays and traditional days, especially propaganda about the 13th Party Congress, the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and the election. People’s Councils at all levels for the term 2021-2026.

For the first time, the Armed Forces cooperated with Vietnam Television to organize a live broadcast of the election in Truong Sa town along with the national election day, thereby sending a message to the people of the country and overseas Vietnamese. overseas about the efforts and aspirations to overcome difficulties of officials, soldiers and people on the Truong Sa archipelago to protect the sacred territorial sovereignty of the Fatherland.

Activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s opening day at sea were successfully held. Thereby, deducting funds from the Armed Forces and socialization resources to support the construction and repair of “houses of gratitude”, “comrades’ houses”, taking care of and taking care of the health of heroic Vietnamese mothers, receiving support from the Government. taking care of 55 children of martyrs…

Propaganda on sea and islands also continues to be widely deployed in 63 provinces and cities across the country and 16 central agencies, press agencies.

Agencies and units in the Army have closely coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, functional branches of 28 coastal provinces and cities to implement the Program “Vietnam Navy as a fulcrum for fishermen to reach out to sea and cling to the sea“In line with the developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in the localities.

At the same time, working closely with 124 press agencies inside and outside the Army, organized to welcome more than 400 reporters to work at ships, islands, and rigs; publish more than 3,000 news, articles and reportage on the activities of the Armed Forces on the mass media.

Actively advising and organizing 5 working groups, welcoming more than 700 delegates from central and local agencies to inspect and visit the Spratly Islands, the DK1 rig ensures complete care and safety.

In the coming time, the Party Committee and High Command of the Navy have determined the task of continuing to focus on leading and directing the implementation of three breakthroughs according to the Resolution of the Party Congress of the Armed Forces: Continue to adjust the organization payroll; innovate and improve the quality of training and education; strengthen regularity building, discipline training and military administrative reform.

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