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People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam was afraid of not being able to get a wife

When he was a student at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam was often commented on as a handsome, talented, pompous guy, every time he went out, he was followed by fans. But few people know that it is the male artist who takes care of his girlfriend because his “other half” – artist Bach Van – is very beautiful and a promising theater actor.

“My wife and I knew each other when we were students. We rode bicycles together to eat tea and ice cream. She studied theater and I studied music, we both lived in the same dorm. We’ve been together since the beginning of time, and it’s been 40 years now, a long way that’s almost as long as my singing path. So she is an indispensable part of my life.” Artist Ta Minh Tam confided in the program Autobiographical words.

Talking about the first time of marriage, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam said that it was Bach Van’s wife who chose to stay behind as a solid rear for him to continue singing and performing art activities. This choice was partly a voluntary wife, partly because the family situation at that time was still difficult. In the 1980s, the couple shared a bicycle, the husband sang, and the wife acted. Every time an artist contacts a show, they have to meet face-to-face instead of having a mobile phone to call like now, so it is imperative that someone stay at home to take care of the family and take care of the children.

The original voice of Long Xuyen is always grateful for his wife’s great sacrifice for the family: “We had a niece at that time, so it was very difficult. When she bought a motorbike for each of them, she “lost fire”, and was no longer enthusiastic about her career, but felt that it was happiness to take care of her husband to go to “fight” like that. My wife’s performing career is a great joy and sacrifice for my family and myself to be where I am today.“.

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Family of People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam

Going back to the past, before achieving success on the artistic path and being loved by the public nationwide, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam also experienced difficulties and challenges. The artist said that in the past he did not dream of becoming a singer, but since the country developed the singing movement for students after 1975, he had the opportunity to learn, self-study music, practice singing. . In 1977, the first national amateur music festival was held in Ho Chi Minh City. He was chosen by the Department of Culture and Arts of An Giang province to attend and won the Gold Medal. It was a great encouragement that made him delve deeper into studying to become a singer.

People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam called the journey from a small province to Ho Chi Minh City to study at a national music school an intense study abroad experience: “From a person who did not know much about music, when approaching the training environment at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music at that time, I was more or less shocked. At first, I couldn’t figure out what I had to learn, what vocals were, what piano was. The piano I only saw in the picture was so hard for my clumsy hands. Then there are other music theory subjects, I don’t know if it has anything to do with performance or not. Only after a while, my awareness as well as my professional level improved, then everything broke down and I found it easy.

Since 1977, I started intermediate school, I continued to study until 1986 before I graduated from the Conservatory and then continued my graduate studies. In 1995, the first music master course at the conservatory was held, the basic program is 2 years, can be extended to 4 years depending on the efforts of the students. I finished that program in less than 2 years“.

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Ta Minh Tam received the title of People’s Artist of 2019.

Trained in classical singing techniques, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam left his mark with revolutionary songs. The male artist is proud that revolutionary music has given him the mission to express its emotional depth to convey to the young generation in the new era.

One of the revolutionary songs associated with the name of People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam is Country full of joy – The work brought him a Gold Medal at the 1977 mass performing arts festival. He sang this song for the first time in 1976, the first person who heard him sing was also his teacher later – People’s Artist Trung Kien. When he was 15-16 years old, he practiced singing Country full of joy and accompany the song until now.

However, the most unforgettable performance for him in decades of singing was the time he happened to meet the author, musician Hoang Ha, during a performance in Vung Tau about 10 years ago. He was happy when a senior he admired for so long commented: “The song is my favorite thing to make my name, a lot of people sing it well from the time I composed it until now, but since Ta Minh Tam sang it, I feel like I wrote this song just for Ta. Minh Tam”.

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“It’s a compliment that makes me feel no happier” – Artist Minh Tam proudly said.

Currently at the age of 62, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam is still burning with music and art: “There are programs that I also boldly ask for permission to refuse because they are not suitable, not because I want to withdraw. I never wanted to give up even though I think with age I’ve done the task, now I can happily enjoy the results quietly at home. But really, when life still gives a mission, still believes, and creates conditions, no one would dare to do that. Tam will sing until she can’t speak anymore!”.

In addition to singing, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam is also a music teacher who is admired by students. For 20 years standing on the podium, People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam has contributed to fostering the love of music for many young artists today.

People’s Artist Ta Minh Tam also actively participated in cultural and artistic activities to support the frontline against epidemics in Ho Chi Minh City over the past time. For him, singing in a field hospital or an isolation ward is not only a duty, a civic responsibility, an artist’s responsibility, but also a command from the heart.

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