Pogba revealed that he suffered from depression when Mourinho was still managing MU

Ever, Pogba often criticized by the audience for his habit of playing too much on emotions. Many football fans also hate the attitude of the 29-year-old star because Pogba is always colorful on and off the pitch. Sharing about his difficult time in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper, the French midfielder said he had to go through one of the most dangerous mental illnesses.

“I used to have depression. But we don’t talk about it,” Pogba revealed. “Sometimes, you don’t know who you are. You just want to isolate yourself and be alone. Those are signs that can’t be mistaken.”

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Regarding the depression he suffered, Pogba added: “It started when Jose Mourinho and I were working together at MU. You doubt yourself. You wonder if you made a mistake because you haven’t. I’ve had moments like that in my life.”

“Every top athlete has had these moments but very few people talk about it. It can’t be avoided. You will feel it in your body, in your head. You feel it. feel bad for a month, maybe even a year. But in any case, you don’t have to say it publicly.”

“We make a lot of money and don’t complain at all. But that doesn’t help us avoid difficult moments more than many people. Just like everyone else in life.”

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In recent times, Pogba is not in good form. Off the pitch, the family of the 2018 World Cup winner is also in trouble. Last week, Pogba was broken into his home while his two young sons were sleeping. At that time, the 29-year-old star was busy playing MU 0-1 Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round.

“I’m fine. So is my family,” Pogba told Le Figaro about the incident. “I had a pretty unexpected week, with the Champions League game where I knew I wouldn’t start (Pogba was on the bench and came on for Bruno Fernandes in the 67th minute). My house has been broken into by thieves.

“Three robbers stole the safe. Including my mother’s jewelry, my World Cup medal… The thing that scared me the most was that at that time, my two children were at home with me. nanny. She accidentally heard the robbers and then called my wife and the security guard.”

“She then locked herself and the two babies in a room. For a few days, the nanny was in shock. Most importantly, my children were fine.”

Paul Pogba and his wife Zulay Pogba currently live in a luxury mansion in the county of Cheshire in the city of Manchester, England. The couple got into a flower car and welcomed their first son (named Labile Shakur Pogba) in early 2019. The second son was born in 2020. The name of the son born later has not been revealed.

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