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Quang Vinh also spent money to buy a “super car” for his son

Recently, Glory uploaded a picture to celebrate the full month of “son” – actually the son of the male singer’s sister on his personal page with the message: “Happy full Xeko month. Ba Vinh gave me a ‘super car’, my son quickly grows up to be a good son! Love you”.

The male singer also attached a picture of a brand new “super car” that he just bought for the kid. The way “Linginging Prince” likens a stroller to a “genuine car” makes fans laugh. Under the comment section, he also “wailed” because he was too close to his two beloved grandchildren.

Not only paying for material things, Quang Vinh also has special affection for his two grandchildren. He called the two children by the affectionate and intimate names “son”, “daughter”. It can be seen that the male singer loves him like his own son, wholeheartedly cares.

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Quang Vinh with his two grandchildren Xuka and Xeko

Quang Vinh willingly paid for his

Quang Vinh deserves the title of uncle of the year.

Previously, Quang Vinh was surprised when he announced the birth of his son on his personal page. Everyone thought that the male singer was secretly married and quietly had children. But the truth is not so, the child in the photo he posted is the nephew, the son of Quang Vinh’s sister. This makes the fans a little bit happy, because everyone is looking forward to the “Lion of the Nightingale” soon settling down.

Quang Vinh willingly paid for his


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