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Resigning from the position of Vice President of Techcombank after 15 years of service, where will Mr. Do Tuan Anh go?

According to information published by Techcombank, on March 19, 2022, Mr. Do Tuan Anh – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors resigned to pursue personal career goals.

The Board of Directors of Techcombank respects Mr. Do Tuan Anh’s personal decision and will submit to Techcombank’s 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, expected at the end of April 2022, to approve the resignation and dismissal of the member position. Techcombank member of the Board of Directors of Mr. Do Tuan Anh.

Resigning from the position of Vice President of Techcombank after 15 years of service, where will Mr. Do Tuan Anh go?  - Photo 1.

Mr. Do Tuan Anh joined the bank in August 2007 and has been trusted by shareholders to hold the position of a member of the Board of Directors of Techcombank since December 2012.

On the journey of 15 years to assume leadership positions of the bank, Mr. Do Tuan Anh is always ready to take part in important tasks assigned by the Board of Directors, the Bank and shareholders.

Mr. Do Tuan Anh is an important contributor on the journey of building and spreading a strong organizational culture to the staff, thereby creating the foundation for the Bank’s outstanding successes on the journey to transformation. changed continuously over the years.

He participated in leading and implementing the strategic transformation and building organizational culture of Techcombank in the two strategic periods 2009 – 2014 and 2014 – 2019, holding many important positions including Senior Assistant Board of Directors, Head of Supervisory Board, Director of Strategy Division, Member of the Board of Directors, Acting General Director (2013-2015); Vice Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors cum Deputy General Director (2015-2020) cum Head of Banking Administration Division.

Previously, in 2020, Mr. Do Tuan Anh resigned from the position of Deputy General Director at Techcombank.

At that time, Viettimes reported that at an event in Hanoi on June 27, 2020, Mr. Do Tuan Anh represented KDI Holdings Group to sign a cooperation agreement with the City People’s Committee. Hanoi to invest in developing a new modern urban area with a total investment of more than 1 billion USD in Bac Tu Liem District.

At the ceremony, Mr. Do Tuan Anh was introduced as the General Director of KDI Holdings.

About KDI Holdings, this is a multi-industry investment and business group in the fields of real estate, furniture, entertainment, yachts, agriculture, renewable energy, education, etc., owned by Chairman Kieu Huu. Dung, who is often mentioned as the former Chairman of Sacombank.

When it was first established, KDI Group mainly focused on investment and finance. Recently, this group has changed its strategy and expanded its operations to become a leading project developer in Vietnam with very different steps: complex real estate, tourism – resort – entertainment cultural intelligence; high-tech agriculture for export; Jewish education; European luxury furniture…

Currently, KDI Holdings is implementing two national-scale projects in Nha Trang and Quang Ninh. It is known that these are the first two real estate ecosystems – tourism and cultural experiences in Vietnam combined with the development orientation of the night economy.

Resigning from the position of Vice President of Techcombank after 15 years of service, where will Mr. Do Tuan Anh go?  - Photo 2.

Source: KDI Holdings website

In fact, according to the business registration updated in May 2020, KDI Holdings has changed the General Director from Mr. Kieu Huu Dung to Mr. Do Tuan Anh. Accordingly, Mr. Kieu Huu Dung is only the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.

Recently, on the company’s homepage, there was also an article about CEO Do Tuan Anh’s speech, saying that the outlook for the economy is still very positive, the policy of reopening, living and adapting to the epidemic is like a dose of medicine. ‘vaccine’ for the business community.

A brave enterprise not only needs a steady mind, a long-term vision, but also a flexible transformation in all situations to seize opportunities in risks.

When facing a crisis, businesses need to quickly develop response scenarios, to be both consistent with the set goals and strategies, and actively change to adapt to the new situation. .Do Tuan Anh, General Director of KDI Holdings shared.

Mr. Do Tuan Anh also commented: “I see great potential and opportunity for the resort real estate industry in the future after the pandemic. We know that nowadays, traveling and enjoying relaxation has become one of the basic human needs.

In the long-term view, Vietnam is also considered as one of the countries with continuous growth with an increasing proportion of the middle class, creating a huge demand for resort tourism.

Similar to the reality that has happened in many major markets around the world, it is foreseeable that the investment trend in resort real estate will increase in Vietnam in the next few years.

In particular, tourism real estate in prime locations will be increasingly scarce. Thus, opportunities and potentials are always there, however, it will be necessary to prepare new, more flexible, more suitable plans for a new normal.” chn

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