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Revealing the last minute of the pilot of the plane carrying 132 people that crashed in China

The pilots in the China Eastern Airlines plane crash did not respond to calls from air traffic controllers after the plane plunged to the ground at high speed.

Revealing the last minute of the pilot of the plane carrying 132 people that crashed in China - 1

A fragment of the Chinese plane was found at the scene (Image: CCTV).

According to the rating of Bloomberg According to flight tracking data, the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashed at close to the speed of sound just before plunging down a hillside on March 21.

So far, investigators have not provided the exact reason why the plane carrying 132 people crashed in southern China. Investigators say it is still too early to draw conclusions about the cause of the incident.

According to Bloomberg, all 123 passengers and 9 crew members are presumed dead. China Eastern Airlines also confirmed the deaths and sent condolences to the families of the victims. This is considered the deadliest air accident in China in the past few decades.

China races to find downed plane

Video taken from the crash site shows dozens of rescue workers, some in military uniforms, using shovels to dig through hillsides littered with plane debris. The difficult terrain and the situation that the plane plunged from an altitude of about 8,840 meters made search and rescue work difficult.

Despite the efforts of rescuers, so far no survivors have been found. However, rescuers discovered some items such as wallets, ID cards and cash at the scene of the plane crash.

The high-speed crash of the plane makes the investigation even more complicated because it can lose evidence, even in some cases can damage the aircraft’s data storage and recording equipment. . These are devices designed to remain “survivable” after most collisions.

According to data from Flightradar24, a website specializing in tracking flights, the Boeing 737-800 crashed at more than 966 km / h and at times exceeded 1,125 km / h.

The moment a Chinese plane carrying 132 people plummeted down the mountain

Zhu Tao, an official with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that air traffic controllers had repeatedly tried to contact the pilots on board the plane after it plunged, but received no response from them. pilots. Mr. Zhu confirmed the plane disappeared from radar screens at 2:23 pm local time on March 21, 3 minutes after starting to descend.

News page The Sun According to aviation expert Sally Gethin, some of the possibilities are a malfunction in the tail of the plane or weather factors. In addition, many other problems can also affect the flight of the aircraft, such as a small fire in the cabin or a problem with the electrical wiring.

According to Gethin, the 132 people on board the plane may have faced the terrifying crash that lasted about two minutes. Because the pressure is so great that blood rushes to their brains, the pilot and passengers can lose consciousness.

However, flight data shows that, during the descent, about 10-20 seconds the pilot regains consciousness and tries to find a way to save the plane but fails.

Rescue teams have not yet found the plane’s black box. According to Zhu, the investigation into the cause of the accident will be very difficult due to the impact of the plane crash and the difficult mountainous terrain in the search area.

The aircraft is said to have met the standards for flight safety before take-off and stable technical conditions. The 9 crew members are all experienced and in good health. The Sun Reportedly, the crew consisted of a captain, a co-pilot and a trainee pilot.

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