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Russia speaks out about the scenario of using nuclear weapons

(Dan Tri) – President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman acknowledged that Russia has not yet achieved any military goals in Ukraine, and did not deny that Moscow could use nuclear weapons.

Russia speaks out about the scenario of using nuclear weapons - 1

Spokesman of Russian President Dmitry Peskov (Photo: Tass).

In an interview with US media on March 22, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russia’s security policy stipulates that Moscow will only use nuclear weapons if the The country’s survival is at stake.

“We have a concept of homeland security and this concept is public, which covers all the cases where nuclear weapons are allowed. So if there’s an existential threat to your country’s country,” he said. us, the nuclear arsenal can be used in our way,” Peskov said.

Earlier, during a meeting on February 27 with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, President Vladimir Putin ordered the transfer of Russia’s nuclear deterrent to a state of high combat readiness. Best. The Kremlin owner said the decision was in response to “hostile” statements by NATO officials.

After that, the Defense Minister reported to President Putin that Russia’s ground, air and submarine nuclear deterrence forces were put on alert status and mobilized further. soldiers.

The move of President Putin has been criticized by Western countries. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this was a “dangerous” decision and would exacerbate tensions in Ukraine. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it represented a “completely unacceptable” escalation.

Russia’s deterrence force consists of a variety of strategic weapons, both nuclear and conventional, that can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. According to the Russian definition, these forces are designed to “prevent acts of aggression against Russia and its allies, as well as to defeat the aggressor, including in a war involving the use of nuclear weapons”.

Russia has not reached the target military during the campaign in Ukraine

In an interview with US media, when asked what President Putin thinks he has achieved in the military campaign in Ukraine so far, Mr. Peskov replied: “He has not achieved anything yet.”

The Russian president’s spokesman added that the “special military operation” in Ukraine is “going ahead completely according to the plan and the predetermined goals”.

Peskov also repeated Putin’s request, saying that the “main objective of the operation” was to “remove Ukraine’s military potential” to ensure Ukraine was a “neutral country”, eliminating “groups of nationalism”, for Ukraine to accept Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, as part of Russia, and to accept that the breakaway regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine “are independent states”.

Peskov also stated that Russia only attacks military targets in Ukraine, despite numerous reports of Russian air strikes against civilian targets, which are being used by Ukrainian civilians as shelters. .

The Kremlin official’s interview comes amid Western intelligence that Russia’s military campaign is stalling in parts of Ukraine after three weeks of deployment.

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