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Saving her best friend from death, the girl was ‘repaid’ by going to prison

At 4:30 a.m. on September 10, 2003, the Haidian District Police, Beijing, China received a report of a murder that occurred at the female staff dormitory of the Longtan Son Trang hotel.

When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered a blood-stained room, saw a girl with a sharp knife in her hand, sitting blankly and not protesting when she was taken away.

That girl’s name is Ngo Kim Diem, at the police station, she panicked, constantly muttering: “I killed someone, will I be executed?”

Through the investigation of the case committee, Diem grew up in a village in the east of Inner Mongolia, her situation was very special, her family was poor, her father was seriously ill and lost her ability to work, that’s why her marriage with Doan Xuan Sinh had to postpone because his family could not register for him.

She decided to go to the city to earn money as a dowry. Through discussion with her boyfriend, Diem applied for a job at a restaurant in Beijing, where Sinh’s biological sister, Doan Tieu Hong, the two took care of each other and were very close.

At work, a young colleague, Ton Kim Cuong, constantly flirts with Hong. But because he has a habit of playing, she doesn’t like it, often using the excuse to go with Diem to refuse all invitations. Diem also repeatedly helped Hong “cut the tail” of Cuong.

In August 2003, Diem was very happy because she was about to go home to prepare for the wedding. This time, Hong is also comfortable because Cuong has been fired, no one is clinging to her anymore. However, Cuong’s good brother Lee Quang Huy, 19, still works in the restaurant.

On the evening of September 9, 2003, Hong was called by Cuong to scold him. It turned out that after being fired, Huy gathered with Cuong, accusing Hong of telling the story about them “eating the temple” to the boss, and the fact that Cuong was fired was related to Hong. Cuong was angry and asked Huy to come to the dormitory to handle her.

At 1 a.m. on September 10, 2003, Hong and Diem left work, returned to the dormitory, took a shower, and went to bed. At 2 a.m., Cuong’s group called Hong to go out to deal with private matters, but was refused.

At 3 am on the same day, they went to the dormitory, broke into Diem and Hong’s room,waterlogged repeatedly punching and tearing Hong’s clothes, Diem came to intervene but was also brutally beaten by him, she took a fruit knife to threaten, but was beaten by Huy from behind, in a struggle, Huy was stabbed in the left chest and fell to the ground.

Diem was scared and lost his mind, Hong hid in a corner, Cuong ran away from the scene. And Huy died on the way to the hospital due to excessive blood loss.

While in detention awaiting trial, Diem also suffered too much injustice, her boyfriend got married to someone else, the most important witness was Hong who refused to testify to help her whitewash. Parents at home also have to suffer the derision of people around.

During a visit from her mother, she told her mother everything, her parents knew that their daughter was innocent, but had to give up because the family was too difficult, managed everything but could not afford to hire a lawyer. for her daughter.

Huy’s family hired a lawyer to ask the court to severely punish Diem and demand compensation of nearly 200,000 yuan. During this difficult time, lawyer Duong Phuong Lan in Inner Mongolia offered to defend Diem for free.

Lawyer Duong contacted Hong, hoping she could testify for Diem in court. But Hong refused, expressing that he did not want to be involved in this matter.

At the trial on July 29, 2004, according to lawyer Duong, Diem’s ​​actions were a legitimate defense when being violated and attacked. The lawyer used the testimony of Hong and another girl in the same dormitory to confirm the situation at that time as Diem said.

In the end, the court ruled that Diem’s ​​legitimate defense, not criminal liability or civil compensation, was released in court after 10 months in prison.

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