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SEA Games 31 and the identity controversy

After the mascot, the identity of the 31st SEA Games became a controversial topic on social networks. This is also an issue that the organizers have officially voiced.

In 2003, Vietnam hosted the SEA Games for the first time and selected the Golden Buffalo as a funny symbol (mascot). To come to the choice of this mascot, there have also been controversies. There are many proposed ideas such as golden dragon, golden turtle, Uncle Teu…

The image of the Golden Buffalo mascot by painter Nguyen Thai Hung meets the following criteria: It is associated with the wet rice civilization that is very popular in Southeast Asia and is closer, softer, and easier to express than the dragon image, which is rich in quality. more sculptural than figurative. Golden Buffalo is also associated with the legend of West Lake (currently Kim Nguu temple in Hanoi) and Kim Nguu river…

By 2021, after 18 years, the SEA Games will return to Vietnam. The organizers also launched a contest to create funny logos for this congress. Another controversy broke out when many opinions were raised.

Many experts believe that we can continue to use the Golden Buffalo mascot by redrawing it with a different image. Because of this, it is explained that Thailand used to use the cat funny symbol during the 1995, 2007 SEA Games or Singapore also used the lion in the 1993 and 2015 SEA Games.

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SEA Games mascot and logo 31.

In the end, the saola mascot was chosen. According to the meaning given by the organizers because: “With its mystery, rarity and uniqueness, saola is one of the most focused conservation species in the world, not only for WWF but also for many organizations international conservation. With its proud, mysterious and ancient beauty, saola is known as the “Asian Unicorn”.

Distinctive features of this species are white spots on the face and a very distinctive pair of horns that both males and females have. The horns of saola are straight, elongated, forming the shape of a V – a symbol of victory (Victory) and represent the word Vietnam. Therefore, in addition to its pure and mysterious beauty, saola can also be considered as a symbol of the winning spirit and representing the nation.

According to artist Ngo Xuan Khoi – the author of the Sao La logo model, shared: “Southeast Asian countries are all wet rice civilizations, and the ASEAN logo is a bunch of seedlings. The buffalo is quite familiar to the countries in the region, it is not typical for us alone. SEA Games 22 was very successful when Vietnam was the host country and the golden buffalo accompanies that success.

Congress sport Southeast Asia returns to Vietnam after 19 years when our position, economic potential and sporting stature have made great strides. With the experience of the previous organization and learning how to organize international sports events recently, we will surely succeed again as the host country. Sao La certainly has a larger mission, which itself contains a “unique” pride.

It seemed that the controversy ended after the organizers announced the 31st SEA Games mascot, but recently there have been other conflicting opinions. The problem mentioned by the public is that the identifier has a series of errors related to English grammar, spelling mistakes, and some other errors in the design of the identifier.

In this regard, the Information and Communication Subcommittee has given specific responses: “Recently, on some social networking sites, mainly from Facebook of a few individuals, images of receivers have been leaked. SEA Games 31. The words and words that this group of people think about the design, color, and layout of the SEA Games 31 brand identity are one-sided and not entirely correct.

Currently, many images and icons of exam subjects are being redesigned to ensure consistency, modernity and in line with the author’s original work as well as current international graphic design trends.

The identity set also has many changes and has not been updated on the website of the Organizing Committee as well as of the General Department of Physical Education and Sports. The organizers have received the comments of fans and authorities, and have conducted a review and very active coordination with the press agencies so that the propaganda work is effective. the most effective.

Despite facing many difficulties for both subjective and objective reasons, the SEA Games organizers are determined and are making great efforts to successfully organize this Games. In fact, the controversy is not unusual for many sports events that Vietnam or other Southeast Asian countries host. The problem is how to behave from the organizers. This is the SEA Games that we face many difficulties. Therefore, this is also the time to need constructive opinions and a marketable attitude.

Hung Dung opens up about the captain’s armband

Do Hung Dung returned to the Vietnam team after more than 2 years of absence and took over the captaincy from Que Ngoc Hai. In an interview with AFC on the afternoon of March 22, Do Hung Dung shared: “I have just returned to the team after a long injury, so I have to readjust everything. Fortunately, I have the coaching staff and The teammates gave me a lot of support so it went smoothly, but to be honest, I felt a bit of pressure when I was given the captain’s armband.

However, it was fleeting because I could see it in my teammates’ eyes, feel it in their handshake, that they trusted me, so I knew I wasn’t alone. “.

The return of Do Hung Dung helps Vietnam’s midfield play more effectively when he combines very well with Nguyen Hoang Duc. In this March, the Vietnamese team will end the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign with 2 matches against Oman (home, March 24) and Japan (away, March 29). If they win these two matches, the Vietnamese team can get out of the bottom position of the table.


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