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Sneaking into a ‘small tam’, I didn’t expect the ‘main house’ to do that when he caught us in the hotel

03/23/2022 07:51 GMT+7

I used to be the third person, the mistress of a married man, but after everything broke, what she did made me remember for the rest of my life.

It happened 5 years ago, but until now, every time I hear the noise about “tieu tam” on social networks, I remember that time in my life.

I met him at an event to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary when he was the guest of the director, and I was assigned the task of welcoming him. From the first time I met, I was attracted to a mature, rich man.

His maturity, care, and sophistication captivated me. Honestly, at that time I was very disappointed when I saw the wedding ring on his hand.

But then his charm made me forget those things. We started conversations, started lunches, had coffees and talked whenever we had free time.

He told me about his life with a busy wife who only cared about business, never caring how he felt or listening to what he had to say. He said that he just wanted someone who understood him instead of a wife who was too talented and too aggressive, making his marriage unhappy.

He also told about his son who is studying abroad in the West, he could only call his father once a week, but the conversation was quick… Then this led to another story and we became his mistress. together.

Sneaking into a ‘small tam’, I didn’t expect the ‘main house’ to do that when he caught us in the hotel

I was hurt after a tearful marriage, and he was lonely… those are justifications for me having an affair with a married man.

I turned myself into a “small tam” in the struggle, but every time I met him, I clicked my tongue that we loved each other and were not tied, moreover the amount of money he provided for me every month was not less. .

However, sometimes when I see a happy lover with his wife, even though he explains that his wife wants to “act”, my heart still hurts.

Our stealthy relationship was more than a year when his wife found out and she installed a locator on his car.

Finally, she caught us in the hotel. A woman like me who accepts to be a “small tam” for money is not qualified to explain.

That day I was prepared to hear harsh scoldings, even beatings from his wife, but surprisingly, she did nothing.

She looked at us in the hotel, flashed a smile, and left immediately. The next day, she texted me to ask me to drink coffee.

Bringing a feeling of fear and guilt to meet her, I didn’t know what to say when I was suddenly presented with a bouquet of flowers by her. She also said the same fate as women who were unhappy in their own marriages, so she understood me, she did not scold or curse me, but calmly told me and him 3 months to think, if we really felt it. If we need each other, she agrees to divorce so we can officially go together. And if he does not agree to leave the family, then I will have to be the one to leave, never to appear in front of her family again.

And as I expected, even though he said he loved me and loved me, he chose her, he chose his wife and children.

Keeping my promise, I moved to another city to live and since then never allow myself to make the same mistake again.

I think, if she didn’t use reason to change me that day, I don’t know where my mistake would go.

Only then did I realize that even if they truly love each other, being a third party is an unforgivable sin. Because the woman is the other wife, there is nothing wrong, and the young children have not done anything wrong. You yourself know well that married men but still rush in, the retribution you have to take.

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