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Stunned to enter the graveyard for the infamous “brothers and sisters”

Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery, located on the southwestern outskirts of Yekaterinburg, east of the Ural Mountains (Russia), is famous as the final resting place of many famous people including folk artists, scientists and Heroes of World War II.

Each of their graves is decorated with sculptures, including reliefs and gems, of the identity of the deceased.

However, this cemetery has one more “unique” thing, which is the sophisticated tombstones located among the green pine trees in the summer. People call it the cemetery for “brothers and sisters”. They are the most powerful and powerful mafia bosses in Russia. And perhaps that’s why people often call this place the “cemetery for delinquents”.

Stunned entering the cemetery for

A monumental tomb of two notorious “big brothers”, who used to own many properties and luxury cars.

If you come here, you will be overwhelmed with the tombstones that are taller than you. Huge granite boulders with large, photo-realistic carvings depict majestic tattooed men in expensive leather suits or coats, with gold chains, cigarettes or keys in their hands. Mercedes car lock.

In some graves, people also engrave images of luxury cars or girlfriends of the “big brothers”. These strange graves belong to gangsters who died violently during the tumultuous 90s gang wars in Russia.

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If you carefully read the inscriptions on the tombstone, you will be even more shaken when people not only engrave your real name, but also “attach” the nickname Gypsy and the special skills of the tomb owner, for example. such as: “knife master”, “death thunderbolt”…

It is known that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and rapid transition to a free market economy, the entire Soviet bloc, especially Russia, fell into anarchy, leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. a sharp increase in organized crime. The power struggle between different factions in the Kremlin resulted in an increase in assassinations, hostage taking and other violent crimes.

The city of Yekaterinburg (Russia) became the center of wars between gangs, led by a group of “gangsters” in the city. The gang calls themselves Uralmash, after the district where the Uralmash heavy machinery factory is located.

Formed in the late 1980s, the gang consolidated control of several businesses in the city during the transition, including the famous Uralmash factory. Profits from horse racing continued to be reinvested in a number of legitimate businesses, expanding the group’s reach.

During the 1990s, the Uralmash group faced brutal internal wars and also clashed with rival Central Gang. As a result, many gang members died and were buried at Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery.

Their gravestones are decorated in the most extravagant fashion, in the classic gangster style of the 1990s.

By the end of the decade, many of the surviving mafia leaders had legalized their businesses, even forming a political party. Many former gang members have now “reformed” and returned to open shopping shops, hotels and juice bars in Yekaterinburg. However, some people still engage in criminal activities and fraud. According to one estimate, 30% of the Russian economy is still in the hands of gangsters.

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