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Tens of thousands of IT engineers leave Russia

Russia is facing a “brain crisis” when tens of thousands of IT engineers leave the country.

According to statistics from the Russian Electronic Communications Association, between 50,000 and 70,000 Russian IT professionals have left the country in recent weeks because they are unable to continue doing business in the country.

Tens of thousands of IT engineers leave Russia

In a post on Tuesday (March 22), the association’s director, Sergey Plugotarenko, said the exodus was the result of technology workers being denied access to the platforms on which they make a living. Sanctions on Russia’s military campaign have prevented its citizens from accessing some essential services.

“Many professionals have to make a choice: leave the country and be able to work with the infrastructure they are familiar with, or stay in Russia,” wrote Mr. Plugotarenko, he added, referring to the association’s assessment of The situation shows that a second wave is expected to depart in April and there will be another 100,000 technicians leaving.

Plugotarenko said foreign employers are happy to attract tech talent from Russia. At the same time, multinational companies are a threat and startups from the Netherlands, Spain and Germany are another disadvantage for the Russian tech world.

At the meeting of the IT Committee of the Russian Parliament, the ministers laid out new incentives for technology companies, such as interest-rate mortgages to help Russian technology companies attract and retain Staff.

At the meeting, new incentives such as tax exemptions for Russian technology companies were introduced. Plans were also discussed to create domestic versions to replace foreign technology that the Russians could no longer afford.

Russian businesses have agreed to jointly finance more than 20 industries and purchase finished products to accelerate import substitution efforts. As for smart devices, Android is the operating system that Russia focuses on because of its open nature.

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