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The man who spent 23 years living on a luxury yacht

With Mario Salcedo (72 years old), luxury yachts have become his “home” for the past 23 years.

Born in the city of Miami (Florida state, USA), but this man constantly cruises offshore and rarely sets foot on land for more than two decades.

He only returned to his small apartment in Miami when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out and lived there for 15 months.

According to Oddity Central, Salcedo spent most of his life working at major financial companies, including Federal Express. Despite visiting many countries and meeting many people through his work, he decided to resign in 1997.

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Mario Salcedo on the boat Freedom of the Seas at Fort Lauderdale (Florida state, USA). Photo: Scott McIntyre/New York Times.

“I have been to many countries, met beautiful girls, watched the sunny beach, with suits, ties, briefcases. At 47 years old, I quit my job, leaving behind my financial benefits. to live for himself,” Salcedo said.

Before retiring, he had never experienced boat excursions. Therefore, as soon as he resigned, he immediately booked 6 trips with different travel agencies.

Those trips made Salcedo realize that this was the life he wanted.

“At that time, I understood what it was like to be on the sea. I realized that this is something I really want to be attached to for the rest of my life,” he said.

Over the years, Salcedo has lived on many luxury yachts such as the legendary Royal Carribean, Liberty of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas…

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Mr. Salcedo’s room on the yacht. Photo: Scott McIntyre/New York Times.

He shared that by removing all “non-value-added” activities, such as trash removal, laundry, etc., from daily life, it helps him fully enjoy life’s experiences. .

That makes him “the happiest man in the world”.

To pay for living expenses on luxury cruise ships almost continuously for 23 years, Salcedo has had to rely on savings from when he was a financier and continues to work today.

His current job is to manage portfolios for private clients from the deck. Therefore, he felt satisfied with everything.

According to CN TravelerMr. Salcedo limits his travel budget from 60,000 to 70,000 USD/five. He paid by credit card so the miles saved would cover any flights on the itinerary.

According to Zing

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