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The new “nightmare” of the former Japanese princess couple in the US, even the royal family is helpless

Couple Former Japanese Princess Mako They have been to the US for 4 months, but their life is still not really as peaceful as the couple wanted. In addition to the pressure of visa extension and work, Japanese media recently said that Mako and her husband are facing another “nightmare”.

On March 10, the US Department of Labor announced that the consumer price index of the country in February increased by 7.9% compared to the same period last year. This is the highest increase in the past 40 years.

An American journalist shared:Gasoline prices and fuel costs are both rising, pushing the price of food and daily necessities up as well. This leads to inflation while the income level of the majority of people remains unchanged. According to some experts, inflation will continue in the near future“.

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Recent pictures of the Mako couple.

Rising inflation entails many consequences, of which the most visible is that people’s daily lives are severely affected. Japanese media said that Mako and her husband could not escape the “whirlpool” of difficulties caused by inflation.

Although it is reported that the former Princess Mako has a savings of 100 million yen (nearly 19 billion), a source said that senior staff of the Japanese royal family are concerned about her situation. Mako and his wife when prices escalate day by day.

An inside source said:To maintain the image of the Crown Prince’s family and above all to ensure safety, Mako and her husband cannot live in a cheap place. It seems that Mako’s savings are running out. If Kei Komuro fails the exam, this money may not be available in the future“.

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Mako and her husband are renting a room in a luxury apartment complex.

The former Japanese princess couple is currently living in a luxury apartment building in Manhattan, New York. According to many sources, the monthly rent of this couple is about 500,000 yen (more than 94 million VND). Meanwhile, Kei Komuro’s annual income is about 6 million yen a year (1.1 billion dong).

If the royal groom does not pass the exam to get a lawyer’s degree, helping to increase his income, the couple will surely face the worry of “rice and money”. Kei Komuro’s bar exam results will be announced in April this year. At the moment, no one knows if Mako has found a job in the US or not, with prices skyrocketing, this will certainly be the couple’s latest “nightmare”.

Recently, a representative of the Japanese royal family also advised the couple to return to their homeland after their visas expired. However, the Mako couple is said to not want to return to Japan to live permanently.

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