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The night before the couple went to court, I shivered at the horrifying scene in the two children’s room

My wife and I, after 7 years of living together, also chose to let go. Our views on life are opposite, there is no common voice. My husband only knows about work all day and doesn’t care about his wife and children. In the house, big and small chores are all on my shoulders, even when I’m sick, I don’t have a husband to help. I resentfully told my husband about the responsibility, but he was annoyed, spiteful, scolded me for asking the elephant for fairies.

Hard-working wife without her husband’s attention. Meanwhile, he insisted on my understanding, so we decided to go to court. My wife and I have two children together, each will raise one for justice. I live with my youngest son, my eldest daughter lives with her father because she understands. I instruct my children very carefully, remember to take care of yourself carefully. I also promised to pick up my daughter on the weekend to play with my brother.

My daughter’s unexpected question at that moment made my heart ache: “Does your parents have to get a divorce?” I wiped my tears and hugged my daughter, comforting and comforting. Endurance was over the limit so I had no other choice.

My husband and daughter are packing to get ready to leave the house. I went up to my daughter’s room to see how she had arranged everything, when the image in front of me made my heart ache. Two children are hugging each other and crying. My daughter constantly patted her brother’s head, admonishing: “From now on, without you by my side every day, remember to rinse your mouth before going to bed and cover your neck with a blanket!”.

Thoughtful notes of an older sister for her younger brother, causing both my husband and I to look at each other and choke, neither of us could say a word. I want to turn to my husband to say that I don’t want a divorce anymore, I accept everything so that my two children can live together, but I can’t speak.

All that night, I couldn’t sleep. Is it wrong for us to get a divorce? A mistake when both do not give each other a chance, a mistake when no one is willing to yield to anyone. According to everyone, should I accept to suffer for myself so that my children can have a complete family life, without being separated from each other?


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