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The price of iPhone 11 for the first time is under 13 million dong, will be very attractive to iFan-Hi-tech Fashion

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

iPhone 11 promises to become the best-selling smartphone model in the remaining period of late March and early April.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, the technology market began to bustle again, retailers launched many attractive price incentive programs. Typical to mention Iphone 11 decreased to 4 million dong, the price was below 13 million dong, causing the purchasing power to increase, in some places, sales increased by 20% compared to the previous month.

Recorded at many retailers such as CellphoneS, Mobile Viet, 24hStore,…, they have adjusted for this model to less than 13 million VND (not including other incentives), the difference is quite large (low). more) than TGDD or FPT Shop.

The price of iPhone 11 for the first time is under 13 million VND, will be very attractive to iFan - 1

iPhone 11 is still attracting customers.

Specifically, the selling price of iPhone 11 VN/A at Vietnamese Mobile will reach 12.69 million dong when participating in the trade-in, old and new, or 12.99 million dong when buying directly (list price 16.99 million dong) for the 64GB version, applicable to all 6 colors available on this model. Particularly, the 128GB version costs from 13.99 million VND when trade-in is renewed, or 14.29 million VND when purchased directly (listed price is 16.69 million VND).

In the segment under VND 15 million, iPhone 11 VN/A is the best-selling model in the system, accounting for 27% of the sales of the same brand. Therefore, with this new price reduction move, the representative of Mobile Viet forecasts that the selling power of iPhone 11 will increase by 15-20%, becoming the best-selling smartphone model in the remaining period of the end of March and the beginning of the year. April.

Represent 24hStore The second half of March – the beginning of April every year is the quietest time of the technology equipment market, not to mention this year the economy has been heavily affected by the pandemic. This system is no exception, so it has launched direct discount programs to stimulate user demand. In which, iPhone 11 series at 24hStore is decreasing by 4 million VND, from 12.99 million VND.

“iPhone sales at 24hStore are currently showing signs of decline because the majority of people want to buy New iPhones have completed the purchase, the rest wait for the next generation. Apple had to release a new color (green) to attract more customers for iPhone 13, so older models like iPhone 11 need to reduce prices to stimulate demand and increase sales,” said a representative of 24hStore.

Similarly, the selling price of iPhone 11 at CellphoneS reduced to only 12.99 million for direct customers. In addition, customers are also entitled to a discount of 500,000 VND, only 12.49 when applying old and new collection; Additional 500,000 VND discount when paying via partner’s e-wallet. Thus, when accompanied by incentives, the amount to spend to own iPhone 11 can be as low as 11.8 million VND.

Compared with the price of iPhone 11 in the same period last year at 15 million dong, sometimes even increasing to about 17 million dong in the period of June 2021, it can be seen that the current reduction is very large. Therefore, iPhone 11 sales at CellphoneS are expected to increase by about 3 times, becoming a key model in the second quarter of 2022.

CapacityList price (VND)Special price (VND)
64GB16,990,000 VND12,990,000 VND
128GB16,690,000 VND14,290,000 won

Reference price of iPhone 11 on February 23, 2022. (May vary between systems)

Although it has been nearly 3 years since its launch, the iPhone 11 is still the most valuable model in the segment under VND 15 million from “Defect Apple”. At the present time, the Apple A13 Bionic processor is still a powerful chip, capable of handling light to heavy tasks.

In terms of photography capabilities, the iPhone 11 camera still meets and is beautiful enough for today’s basic photography needs such as font removal, wide angle and video recording with high quality and stability that other models in the same segment are difficult to find. Okay. Besides, the 3,110mAh battery helps the device work all day, which is considered one of Apple’s models with good battery life.

With the advantages from configuration, camera to battery life and especially the smooth iOS ecosystem, iPhone 11 is not a bad choice for users who want to buy iPhone to use for at least the next 2 years.

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