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The wife regrets being too impulsive

Regarding the incident that Mr. Nguyen VH (29 years old, residing in Huoi Set village, Chieng Hac commune, Yen Chau district, Son La – her husband N.) went to the emergency room because his wife cut his penis”, the police agency took Ms. N.’s daughter for assessment to investigate and clarify the behavior of VH .

At the same time, the investigative agency also collected a “hidden” camera that recorded what was believed to be “incriminating evidence” with the stepfather.

On March 23, sharing with PV, Ms. N. said that before coming to Mr. H. she had 1 husband. In 2016, Ms. N. married Mr. H., and now have 2 children together.

Ms. N. also said that through the incident, she was very regretful, in the past few days she could not sleep because she found her behavior too impulsive.

The cut of the

An operation at the hospital

Recounting the reason for the heartbreaking incident, Ms. N said, recently, she discovered that her stepdaughter has shown signs of psychological instability such as quiet, unhappy mood, sleep or startle, many times. asked the child, but he was shy, did not say the reason.

Deeply re-chaining the problems, Ms. N thought her husband had unusual problems, on March 18, she decided to buy a “hidden” camera to put at the head of the bed.

According to Ms. N., around 2pm on the same day, checking the data, she discovered that her husband sexually abused her stepdaughter, T. (15 years old, currently studying in 9th grade).

“I have collected pictures, had planned to report to the police, because I was too angry and resentful, but thinking that the matter on the weekend could not be resolved immediately, I decided to wait until the beginning of the week to report it to the police. An. That night my husband went to a friend’s house to drink, and I didn’t come back until 11 pm at this time, so each person had a bed.” Ms. N. said.

Ms. N added: “Around 23:40, I got up to go to the bathroom and looked over at my husband’s room and saw that he was sleeping naked. At this time, everything that had been pent up in my head since the afternoon suddenly surfaced, plus seeing “that” My husband’s wife abused my daughter, so I went downstairs with a knife and cut.

After I cut it off, I was so scared that I took “that” and ran to the commune police station to surrender. I ran to the police station, I don’t remember where I threw “that” because I was so scared… now that I think about it, I regret it”, Ms. N. narrated. nong-noi-hien-rat-an-han-20220323120707805.chn

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