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There are 3 types of “FAKE INTELLIGENT” children, when they grow up most of the future is not bright

Is your child smart, how is your academic achievement, is your future bright?… – these are issues that are of great concern to parents. Everyone wants their children to be smart, have a solid career in the future, and become “that man and woman”.

When seeing the outstanding points of the child, the parents are happy to think that the child must have a future. However, a retired professor of Tsinghua University – the top university in China and Asia does not think so. After observing many generations of students, this professor directly pointed out: There are 3 types of children who look very smart, but are actually just “fake intelligent”, the future is difficult to make things.

So what are the 3 types of children specifically?

A professor at Asia's top 1 university pointed out: There are 3 types of FAKE-INTELLIGENT children, when they grow up most of the future is not bright - Photo 1.

Type one: The child can’t take care of himself

In life, there are many children who are spoiled by their parents. Although children have quite good academic performance, they do not have the will to progress, often needing help from adults to take care of themselves.

Children who lose the ability to take care of themselves like that, no matter how good their test scores are, it is difficult for them to integrate and stay in the university environment. In fact, in the world, there have been many cases of geniuses and prodigies who were expelled from school just because they did not know how to take care of themselves, everything needed someone to take care of their teeth. The story of Wei Yongkang (born in 1983, in Hunan province) is an example.

Wei Yongkang was considered a prodigy from the age of 2 when he memorized 1,000 Chinese characters. At the age of 4, he finished primary school, and at the age of 8 he passed the entrance exam to a key provincial high school. 13-year-old Wei Yongkang passed the exam to Xiangtan University with excellent results. Four years later, she passed the master’s exam at the Advanced Physics Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the second place.

However, Yongkang was expelled from school because he was 17 years old but did not bathe himself, had to be fed by someone. This lifestyle is also because he is spoiled and overprotected by his mother.

Type two: Children with low emotional intelligence (EQ)

There are also some children with good academic performance but not high emotional intelligence, these children have completely turned into learning machines, at home they can only close the door, not touching anything new. When they grow up, they become clumsy, their communication skills are not stable. Although intelligent, this type of child grows up with little prospects.

Therefore, parents should not only focus on their children’s achievements in life, nor should they only focus on IQ but must also pay attention to emotional intelligence EQ.

A professor of Asia's top 1 university pointed out: There are 3 types of FAKE-INTELLIGENT children, when they grow up most of the future is not bright - Photo 2.

The third type: Children have poor logical thinking

Many parents feel this way: When their children are in elementary and middle school, they often get very good grades. Scores of 9, 10 are normal, but when I got to 3rd grade, my child’s score suddenly dropped. In fact, this is a manifestation of the child’s inability to think logically. Different from grade 1, grade 2, grade 3’s curriculum begins to focus on reading – comprehension, the knowledge is gradually more complex.

This reflects the importance of logical thinking. Logical thinking capacity is the ability to think correctly and solve logical problems, which is the core of children’s intellectual functioning ability and the core of intellectual structure. Children with the ability to think logically will help a lot in their studies and later life.

According to a study by the famous American psychologist Benjamin Bloom: If a person achieves 100% intelligence at the age of 17, then at the age of 5, he already has 50% of intelligence, from the age of 5-7 increased by 30% and at the age of 7 it only increased by 20%. That is, the best period to cultivate children is when they are 0-7 years old. Therefore, parents should seize this time for children to cultivate their logical thinking ability.

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