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Three treasures of a good mother

Every mother loves her child in her own way and depending on how she was raised, an adult child may or may not be human.

A good mother, able to raise a child, usually has three salient characteristics.

Billionaire Elon Musk and his mother at one of his fashion events, January 2020. Photo: Money.com

Billionaire Elon Musk and his mother at one of his fashion events, January 2020. Photo: Money.com


In an interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk referred to his mother, Mrs. Mayer, with special respect. He said what impressed him the most was his mother’s smile. “I know he went through some tough times, when all three of us were in college. However, my mother never complained. The image that stands every time I see her is that she is always blooming. This attitude is our mother’s most valuable asset. has been given to us,” said Elon.

Actor Duong Di, China, in a TV show once said that he respects his mother because she always respects and loves her friends. Whenever he brought his friends home to play, he was always smiling happily and cheerfully. In his impression, no matter how angry he was, he rarely showed his anger. He said: “My mother’s smile who constantly taught me that there is nothing to worry about, everything has a solution. Therefore, I must always be cheerful, happy and smiling.”

Ms. Hong Lan, a professor at National Taiwan Central University, commented that a mother is the soul of a family. A mother’s smile is the most important oxygen in the family. A smiling mother will always give her children faith, love and hope in life. This is the most precious treasure in the family.


A Chinese reader shared on Douban his story. He said that when he was a child, he did very poorly on exams, so he was afraid of being scolded by his mother. However, when he brought the lesson home to his mother, he said: “My work is not good, but my handwriting has improved a lot”. Her mother’s words made her less afraid, even more motivated for the exam afterward. Until she grew up, she always felt grateful to her mother for her words of encouragement.

American psychologist William James said: “One of the deepest desires of human nature is to expect praise, admiration, respect. In families, children want to hear praise. Appreciation and encouragement from mothers, husbands want to hear admiration and respect from wives.” . Therefore, in the family, when the wife and mother can say good words, the family will be warm.

Language has a special power, it also has a special destructive power. Zhou Pham, an expert on China relations, said: “The more you judge and condemn others, the more you deprive them of their right to change. Attacks are very destructive. destroy family harmony”.


In the Chinese book “A lazy mother is better than a good mother”, the author wrote: “The highest state of motherhood is learning to be lazy”. The author explains that a mother who is too emotional, loves her husband and children too much often becomes worried about parenting, even doing everything for her husband and children. This inadvertently makes her husband and children selfish, lazy and ungrateful.

A good mother is one who knows how to rationally give up housework. It can help stimulate the initiative of other family members.

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