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Tolerating adultery for his children

I don’t know where my fault lies to be betrayed by my husband like that. What will the future be like?

I am 29 years old, orphaned at a young age, living with my grandmother, trying to study and work. I have a stable monthly income of around 30 million dong, enough to take care of him and save for myself. Husband is 35 years old, works in a state agency, his monthly salary is almost 10 million VND. We got to know each other through introductions, I have no experience in love, so I found out that he was silent for about six months, didn’t drink, thought it was okay, so we moved on to marriage.

Since getting married until now, he contributes five million dong for food every month. Everything in the house such as apartment rent, furniture purchases, guest expenses, relatives, and the death anniversary of my husband’s family is my own, without taking anything into account. People think my husband takes care of the entire family economy. When I was newly married, knowing that I had 350 million VND in savings, my husband asked my parents to borrow it to build a house because the house in the countryside was old. I also listen to him.

After I got married, I became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl during the plague last year. We temporarily moved into the house where my husband’s parents have been living ever since. Living with the husband’s family is a lot of inconvenience, my in-laws often scold me for things that I don’t, I endure everything. Right after giving birth, I cooked and cleaned for the whole family but it still didn’t satisfy everyone. Everyone’s tastes at home are different. My mother-in-law has thyroid disease, my father has diabetes, my husband and sister-in-law have difficulty eating, shopping and cooking make me very tired. My mother-in-law often researched and complained, thinking that it would be good for me to marry the eldest son. I listened but had no opinion, no matter what he said, I just endured it.

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In addition, caring for a small child alone left me sleep deprived and exhausted. My husband encourages me to look after the kids, if I need anything just ask my mother, I don’t know. Even changing diapers when the child goes to the toilet, he also avoids it for fear of getting dirty. He only plays when the children eat well and take a clean bath. I don’t understand why when giving birth to a child I just endured everything, when I needed my husband’s cooperation, he avoided it.

I do not have biological parents to share with, the more I feel sorry for myself, but I do not dare to confide in my grandmother, afraid that she will worry. I think I’ve survived to come here, try harder, wait a few more months when my daughter is strong, then take her to town to take care of the kids, then get back to work.

Two months ago, I noticed that my husband’s phone had a strange text message in the middle of the night. The phone has a password so I can’t see it, only knowing that something is rustling in my heart. I asked someone to monitor, seeing that he often visited the student dorms in the afternoons and evenings, while he said he was busy receiving guests. Seeing photos of two lovers eating together, going shopping, and then taking each other to a motel took me by surprise. It’s been a month now, whenever my husband comes home with that calm expression, I can only look at him from afar, sometimes crying while hugging my child.

Sometimes my anger peaks, I have to hide in a corner, as if wanting to destroy everything, sometimes I want to ask why he did that. I asked him why are you late and where do you go on weekends? He shouted at me, told me to go see a client, and forbade mowing. You don’t know every lie I’m disappointed to hear.

I don’t want to see that fake face, I don’t want to continue living a miserable life. My daughter is too young, should I refrain from defending her father? I am sleep deprived and mentally depressed. Please help readers to share.


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