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Using honey to treat cough for children is effective? The doctor points out the note that parents need to remember to avoid danger

Dr. BS Tran Anh Tuan – Head of Respiratory Department, Children’s Hospital 1 said that if a child has Covid-19 and has a cough, parents should not be too worried. After a viral respiratory infection, there are different reasons why a child may experience a persistent cough.

For example, if a child has had bronchiolitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus, about 15% of children will have a cough that lasts for weeks or even months.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus also causes a post-viral cough like other respiratory infections.

Children having a cough after being infected with Covid-19 is not a post-Covid-19 phenomenon, according to Dr. Tuan. Many people are too concerned and afraid after Covid-19 but in fact this situation is not too common. According to the world literature, the number of children after Covid-19 who have a persistent cough account for approximately 10-15%, not more than those with bronchitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus.

According to Dr. Tuan, coughing is also a beneficial reflex to protect the airways. By coughing, the child can expel the sputum, helping to open the airways. In particular, because young children do not know how to spit up phlegm, coughing is even more useful. Only when children cough too much and leave bad consequences such as crying, can’t sleep, vomiting, we use cough medicines.

When children have a cough, Dr. Tuan noted that parents can completely apply folk remedies to treat coughs for children.

Using honey to treat cough for children is effective?  The doctor points out the note that parents need to remember to avoid danger - Photo 1.

Honey lemon helps relieve cough symptoms.

Folk remedies for cough such as lemon basil with alum sugar, kumquats with chives, honey soaked in peach lemons… are all effective. Doctor Tuan said that in terms of practice, grandparents have used these remedies for thousands of years, so they are the “golden ruler molds” that are trusted and used by Eastern medicine doctors.

In terms of medicine, there have also been studies that prove the effectiveness of these folk remedies, such as honey which has been shown to be effective in treating general coughs and coughs caused by Covid-19. private.

However, regular use of honey can cause tooth decay in children. Children under 1 year of age should not use honey because of the risk of poisoning. This adverse effect must be particularly noted.

Dr. Tuan especially emphasized that children under 2 years old should not use natural honey because it can contain many germ spores, if not handled well, children can be infected with toxins of these pathogens. Instead, parents can use refined honey, which has undergone an antiseptic process.

Parents need to make sure their children drink enough water. This will help keep the mucous membranes and airways warm and moist, helping to reduce coughing.

During illness, children need to eat foods with a lot of water, easy to digest but also full of nutrients such as soup, porridge, milk… Children’s menu needs to ensure four groups of flour, fat, protein, vegetables and suitable. suitable for children’s daily taste.

Besides, children also need to increase their resistance to fight diseases. Therefore, children should eat foods rich in vitamin A, rich in zinc and iron such as beef, chicken, eggs, green and red vegetables.

Parents need to limit processed foods with too much fat such as fried, fried… For fish dishes, sometimes children have a fishy feeling, which is easy to cause vomiting, so you should wait until the baby is sick to practice eating again. again.

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