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Vietcombank signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Vietnam Post Corporation

Accordingly, Vietcombank and Vietnam Post will prioritize using each other’s products and services, focusing on promoting cooperation in the following areas: wholesale banking (credit, payment and cash flow management, services). investment banking…); Retail banking (collecting, paying on behalf, introducing customers to Vietcombank’s account services and banking services).

In particular, the two sides will deploy payment intermediary services and services developed on the payment intermediary platform, typically: e-wallets, electronic payment gateways, electronic money transfer support. …

Vietcombank is known as the leading bank in Vietnam in terms of quality and operational efficiency, always taking the lead in applying international best practices in banking governance and applying modern technology in all aspects of its operations. motion.

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In its development strategy, Vietcombank identifies digital transformation as a strategic breakthrough and is implementing a comprehensive and comprehensive digital transformation program aiming to reach the digital transformation maturity level among the top banks. ASEAN by 2025.

On the side of Vietnam Post, with the strength of a specialized information technology system, besides postal and delivery services, logistics, postal finance, and retail distribution, Vietnam Post is rapidly transforming from a postal business. from traditional to digital service providers in many fields.

The cooperation agreement between Vietcombank and Vietnam Post is a premise for a long-term cooperation orientation, helping the two sides make the most of each side’s strengths. Especially, with the customer base that have been using the digital services of the two sides, Vietcombank and Vietnam Post will promote the development of the digital economy and digital banking services, meeting the development orientation of each party. .

In addition, this cooperation agreement also shows the determination to realize the policy of comprehensive financial development according to the Prime Minister’s Decision 149/QD-TTg dated January 22, 2020, creating conditions for people, especially people in rural and remote areas have many opportunities to access basic financial services and modern banking services.

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Vietnam Post and Vietcombank expect to spread financial and banking services to villages and communes, helping farmers to access digital economic development channels, financial and banking products. number,…

Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of the Members’ Council of Vietnam Post Corporation, said that in 2022, Vietnam Post will accelerate the implementation of a comprehensive digital transformation program. In which, digital services and electronic payments will be one of the core services to contribute to ensuring the average annual growth target of 35-40%.

The cooperation with Vietcombank will be a good step forward, contributing to promoting digital financial services and digital banking through the Vietnam Post network to develop strongly in the coming time.

Immediately after this Signing Ceremony, the relevant units will concretize and implement the cooperation contents mentioned in the agreement, develop a detailed plan and implementation plan for each work content to contribute to the success of the project. development of both sides.

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