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Viettel recruits 135 interns for digital transformation projects

Viettel Digital Talent 2022 – Viettel Digital Talent 2022 important digital transformation project.

The enrollment round of Viettel Digital Talent 2022 (VDT 2022) lasts until the end of March 31, 2022. The best 135 trainees will be selected through 3 tests of English, IQ and expertise.

The program runs for 6 months. During the first 3 months, trainees receive intensive training and career orientation by leading experts in their chosen field. In the remaining 3 months, interns directly participate in actual projects at specialized departments of Viettel. At the end of the program, 25% of the best trainees will be invited to take up an official position at Viettel with a competitive salary.

Viettel recruits 135 interns for digital transformation projects

Students will be accompanied by a team of experts ranked in the world such as: malware experts; security expert; artificial intelligence specialist; global network operator and operator…

Mr. Tao Duc Thang – Chairman and General Director of Viettel – said: “With the pioneering mission and key to creating a digital society, Viettel has a great need for high-quality human resources. As a leading technology enterprise in Vietnam, Viettel built the Viettel Digital Talent program to create opportunities for young people to experience, rub, and accompany Viettel to create meaningful changes, contributing to society building. Vietnam’s digital economy and society”.

Viettel recruits 135 interns for digital transformation projects

At VDT 2021, 22/70 trainees directly participated in key projects of Viettel such as: deploying Private Cloud private server infrastructure, Vietnamese speech recognition model, and artificial intelligence system. Customer Centric AI, Reputa social network information monitoring product… At the end of VDT 2021, 12 best trainees were invited by Viettel to work at the group.

As part of the strategy of developing young human resources in the field of technology, in order to carry out the pioneering and key mission of creating a digital society; “Talent Trainee” (Viettel Digital Talent) is an annual program organized by Viettel, starting from 2021.

Viettel recruits 135 interns for digital transformation projects

The object of the program are 3rd, 4th year students, graduate students with excellent academic achievements in the fields of: IT, Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Security, Science Data and Artificial Intelligence, Marketing and similar industries. At the same time, you need to have excellent achievements in study or work (equivalent GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher; or win national or international excellent student awards in related fields; or have outstanding achievements. excellent when participating in big projects in related fields).

The program, designed by leading experts in Viettel, will help young talents discover their potential and develop expertise in the fields of: Cloud, Cyber ​​Security, Data Science & AI, Internet of Things, Marketing.

Candidates see detailed information and register to participate at: https://tuyendung.viettel.vn/VRS_FE/viettel-digital-talent-program.

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