Watch to understand that a child is too strong, understanding is the result of sad things

The film tells the daily life of a 4-year-old boy, Kotaro, who lives alone. The boy has to go to the supermarket, cook, make bento to bring to school and bathe in the public bath. The boy is loved and cared for by interesting neighbors: the poor painter Shin Karino, the drinking girl Mizuki and the delinquent uncle Isamu Tamaru. The film has a light story but brings deep emotions about the relationship between parents and children.

So, why is it that every parent must watch this movie?

“The child is too understanding” does not come from a happy family

In all 10 episodes, the mother’s image is meagerly shown through Kotaro’s recollections, very faint, even her face is not clear. Only his back and long black hair. And especially, her appearances did not lead to happy scenes, they only existed in the characteristic big round eyes of a 4-year-old boy.

But just a few images of those faint memories that any mother can recognize, this is a mother suffering from depression. Seemingly inadequately supported physically and mentally, trapped in pain, so disgusted with fear of her own child, that each memory of Kotaro with his mother is symbolized by the box of nylon gloves that she holds. used to touch the boy.

Kotaro has an obsession with receptivity, also because in the past, all communication with the mother always ended in silence. Responding to his son’s visits was a breathless silence.

Kotaro defaults to being clean every day, because in the past, in a neglected situation, he couldn’t take a bath, was so hungry that he had to eat tissue and grass to live through the day. Therefore, a 4-year-old boy can read the ingredients of tissue paper and analyze the level of nutrients for the body.

You think it’s a genius? This genius was born out of tragedy.

Kotaro lives alone: ​​Watch to understand that a child is too strong, understanding is the result of sad things - Photo 1.

The boy chose tissue paper as a gift to introduce to his new neighbor, because for him tissue paper is a “very sweet dish”.

So what about dad?

These are just memories that pop up unconsciously but show how obsessed Kotaro is with his past of being abused. Kotaro loves taking pictures, but is also afraid of being photographed. He doesn’t want his father to know where he is, because if he can find Kotaro, life will once again fall into an endless cycle of misery. How heartbreaking when her peers were still learning to play, Kotaro had the SURVIVAL skill by heart.

Perhaps in real life there is no shortage of such Kotaros, is it just that there are children who are saved and there are children who are not so lucky.

BE CAREFUL and ACTION – all wounds can be healed with love.

It cannot be denied that trauma will affect and affect children’s behavior. Only 4 years old, but Kotaro has lived in an orphanage, so how long does it take to live with his parents?

Although it was not for long, the trauma was already imprinted in Kotaro’s mind. Scene of a boy playing toss with his friends in kindergarten. Instead of needing to catch the ball, the boy always let the ball hit his face. This made the teacher and other students unable to explain and think that the child simply did not understand the rules of the game.

The neighborhood painter taught him how to play with the ball, and until Kotaro said that “if you can avoid the ball your friends throw, you have ignored them, I told you to take the ball as a word. Isn’t it heartbreaking to throw the ball to someone they don’t intend to catch?”.

Kotaro lives alone: ​​Watch to understand that a child is too strong, understanding is the result of sad things - Photo 2.

At this moment in the boy is the memory of himself drawing a beautiful picture and wanting to show it to his mother but in the end only received indifference.

However, Kotaro never resented his parents. In the heart of the 4-year-old boy is only the desire to grow up strong, to be valuable, then his parents will love him and return to Kotaro. “Children are the crystallization of love, your parents must love each other very much to have Kotaro”, and because of that, Kotaro strives to be loved and pleased by everyone, knows how to see adults’ faces, guesses thoughts – everything just to make me become a precious treasure that my parents will find again.

Although Kotaro’s background is unlucky, he receives comforts from society, from people who seem indifferent.

As the policeman and everyone around was alert to see the delinquent uncle Isamu Tamaru with the boy.

A poor painter startled by his own question when he saw the TV saying that the number of child abductions was increasing, “Where are the adults? I’m an adult too.” And then decided to go to the public bath with Kotaro to protect the boy while he didn’t have much money.

It was Mizuki’s sister who let him sleep with him when he had nightmares at night.

As a delinquent uncle who always wants to love and pet him.

It was the teacher who always noticed if he was smiling or not, the new neighbor who noticed that the boy had gained weight because of his unstable mind…

Kotaro lives alone: ​​Watch to understand that a child is too strong, understanding is the result of sad things - Photo 3.

Kotaro asks the newspaper delivery uncle to watch out for the newspapers, if they are stuck for more than two days, something might happen to the boy.

Thanks to the care and strong actions of kind people, the boy’s life gradually became more stable. The wounds were gradually healed. Not only was Kotaro healed, but thanks to his sympathy and love, Kotaro’s love healed the adults who always had a wounded “4-year-old child” inside.

So, understand that when you care and help others, even a child, you are also helping yourself.

And this is definitely a movie that every adult should see once. dieu-buon-dau-20220322113206984.chn

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