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What should parents do to protect their children from dangers on social media?

What should parents do to protect their children from dangers on social media?
What should parents do to protect their children from dangers on social media? (Source: Internet)

According to the Association for the Defense of Children’s Rights in the UK, parents should talk early and often about “dark movies” to help their children better protect themselves in the face of dangers lurking online.

Dame Rachel de Souza, Commissioner for Children’s Affairs in the UK, said parents should “talk early and often” with their children in an age-appropriate way so that their children are better prepared for the challenges. online risks. Also, make it easier for your child to bring up other issues in the future.

Children’s increasingly easier access to the Internet, uncontrolled web surfing, and serious influence by pornography, degrading content and violence against women are gradually becoming a concern. insight of many parents.

The issue became even more alarming after Everyone’s Invited (a movement to prevent rape by education) pointed out that sexual harassment and abuse is common in schools. This raises concerns that pornography can affect children’s behaviour, attitudes about sex and gender equality.

Besides advising parents to talk to their children early, Ms. Souza also offers a guide to help parents open up to their children about this secret topic based on the answers of teenagers when asked: “What do you wish your parents knew?”

Ms. Souza shared: “The message we get the most is: Speak earlier, talk more”, “You will be surprised to know how early children need such conversations. needs to be talked about in an age-appropriate way and shared throughout adulthood.”

At the same time, Ms. Souza added: “My advice is that parents should not lose their cows to build a barn. Children need families to create a safe, judgment-free environment where they can openly talk about their problems. this topic. You should do that before you let the problem arise and rush to find a solution.”

Singer Billie Eilish, a Grammy Award-winning vocalist, revealed that she had suffered many negative effects from watching black movies since childhood. She started watching them at the age of 11. Her addiction to porn causes her to have nightmares and have trouble dating.

“Porn movies are terrible. To be honest, I started watching them when I was 11 years old. Watching too much porn destroyed my brain and made me feel exhausted,” the female singer shared in one. TV show.

Ms. De Souza’s guidance reveals a stark difference between what parents think their child is and what it is. Only 25% of parents think that their children have watched porn online when in fact, more than 50% of children aged 11-13 have been exposed to this type of pornography. 62% of children who have watched porn said their mouse clicks were mostly accidental.

Ms. De Souza sympathized with parents: “I know this is a difficult topic. Parents share with me that sometimes they feel uncomfortable, not just because of the content with sexual themes. but also because their children know more about technology than they do.”

“For mothers and fathers who did not grow up in the age of technology, cyberspace can be confusing. However, children really want to talk to their parents about the problem. This survey has shown us that and that is also the core meaning of my guide”, added Ms. De Souza.

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